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From dramatic orchestral to gritty hip hop, discover 250,000+ tracks spanning 800 genres. And with 1,000 tracks added monthly, you'll always be able to find new music.

Explore 800+ genres

Browse more than 250,000 original tracks spanning over 800 genres, filtering by mood, musical style, instrumentation, BPM, and emotion. Combine filters to discover the perfect track for your project.

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Production inspiration

Our world class catalogue of original music encompasses every production genre, style, mood and instrumentation imaginable. Sign up for free and start exploring.

1,000+ Artists & composers

With 1,000+ artists, composers and producers, our catalogue offers a huge amount of choice. Whether you’re searching for an orchestral score performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra or hard-hitting hip hop, we have every imaginable style of music covered.

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250,000+ tracks

...and 1,000+ new tracks added every month

From Hollywood to YouTube, we’ve helped to tell some of the world’s most iconic stories – and we can help tell yours. With a catalogue of 250,000+ wholly-owned tracks – plus 1,000+ new tracks added monthly – finding the perfect music for your project has never been easier.

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World-class recording

Incredible music means the highest production values. Written and performed by the very best musicians, our music is recorded at the world’s most prestigious studios, including Abbey Road Studios and AIR Studios, School Farm Studios in Maplestead and Synchron Stage, Vienna.

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We often use Audio Network for music, from beginning to end it's always easy. Customer service is amazing and there’s a great choice of music for all campaigns - no matter how big or small.
Maxine ThompsonHead of Business AffairsAMV BBDO
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