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Stock Music is another name for Library Music or Production Music.


It generally refers to any music that is owned by production music libraries that can be licensed for use in TV, film, commercials, video games, corporate productions etc.


In the majority of cases, the piece of music – whether it is a full track or a short sting - has been especially composed for use in one of those genres and is therefore already fit-for-purpose.

Stock music is placed in the background of a film, TV or commercial, behind the dialogue or the voice-over. Its purpose is usually to set the mood of the piece but it can also do a number of other things such as highlight a certain section of the narrative, help to identify a location or portray a specific message.

One of the unique selling points for Stock Music is that it is cheaper than using music from a recognized artist. This is because it is not necessary to obtain specific permission from the composer or pay additional clearance fees when using Stock Music.

Stock Music is also considerably less expensive than commissioning a composer to produce a bespoke score, track or jingle specifically for a film, TV or commercial project.

Although stock music sounds like it should be a new phenomenon, the very first production music library was set-up by De Wolfe Music in 1927. It coincided with the advent of sound in feature films and the so-called ‘talkies’.

While that library is still going strong, in modern times there are hundreds of different stock music libraries to choose from as production music becomes increasingly popular.
Audio Network is an example of a Stock Music library, albeit a very sophisticated and efficient example.

The Audio Network stock music library contains 217,429 songs, tracks, ditties, tunes and arrangements, including a good percentage that have been composed specifically for TV, film and advertising projects.

Our Stock Music library contains everything from Dance and Pop to Sport and Comedy.

To find the perfect stock music for your next production search Audio Network’s library now.

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