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Buyout Music (or Buy-Out Music) is another term for Royalty-Free Music. It refers to the one-off purchase of a tune, ditty, bed or effect that has a lifetime synchronization license. Buyout Music can be used as many times as required and no further royalties are paid to the composer.

It is important to note that although the purchaser of the buyout music license has the right to use the track on his or her production, they do not own the music outright.
There are variations on this Buyout Music theme. For example, it may be possible to attain a blanket use license that allows usage of a piece of music up to certain limits.

This might work for a piece of music that is only to be used locally. In this scenario, any national usage would require the payment of additional fees.

Before buyout music was introduced, producers of television shows, feature films or commercials were given the option of either getting specially composed tracks or attaining a standard licensing arrangement (which is sometimes known as Rights Managed Music or Needle Drop Music).

Whatever name you give it, this refers to a method of music licensing that requires the production to pay a "royalty" each time a piece of music is used. So, if you want a tune by Madonna, Prince or Oasis in your next TV show, film or advert that is the type of licensing agreement that you will need to agree. 

There is another way though.

If you want music that was specifically composed for production use but won’t cost the earth then you can use Audio Network’s extensive music library.

217,058 tracks are included from Electronica to Indie. It’s like a Buyout Music library but each track is available for a one-off fee that includes a license for any platform and any territory in perpetuity. 

Search Audio Network’s music library right now to find your perfect piece of production music.

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