Music for Video Production

Music in Video

Nearly all moving picture projects – regardless of where they will eventually be shown - require some sort of musical soundtrack. 

Whether it’s a pianist playing along live to a silent movie or a THX mastered soundscape, most films, television shows, commercials, corporates, games and virtually all types of video production feature music of some nature.

Our Music

Producers seeking music for video production, regardless of its intended distribution, are likely to find a wide range of options within Audio Network’s library.

Amongst the 182,379 original tracks and arrangements are various pieces, ditties, tunes, effects, beds and other types of music that will enhance any video production.

The available genres of music for video production include:

while moods and atmospheres range from:

And to make life nice and easy, all of Audio Network’s music for video production is pre-cleared for international TV and multiplatform use forever.

To find your ideal music for video click on this link to use the Audio Network’s search facility now.

Our Music in Video

The Audio Network Catalogue has been used in loads of different types of video including adverts, TV & Film; here are a few of our recent credits:

Recording Music for Production

Check out this footage of Audio Network composer Debbie Wiseman and Director Jack Jewers actually recording a musical score to fit with the movie 'Shalom Kabul' at the world famous Angel Studios with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Featured Composer

Debbie Wiseman

Debbie Wiseman is one of the UK’s most prolific film and television composers, with a list of over 200 film and TV credits.

Her credits include the scores for The Passion of the Christ, Jekyll, Flood, Judge John Deed, Wilde, The Warriors, Tom & Viv, Before You Go, Othello, Adventures of Arseme Lupin, He Knew He Was Right, Michael Palin's New Europe, Sherlock Holmes and The Baker Street Irregulars, My Uncle Silas, Tom's Midnight Garden, Johnny & The Bomb, Haunted, Stig of the Dump, The Private Life of Samuel Pepys, The Andrew Marr Show, Manhunters....

Read here for more on Debbie Wiseman.


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