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Despite the current popularity of solid-state recording technology – and the lasting legacy of film stock – most corporates, music promos, virals and huge numbers of television programmes are still shot on video tape.

This is often because it’s cheap, sometimes because of a familiarity with how it works and regularly thanks to the simplicity of the workflow.

Regardless of the justification, all but the most specialized video based project will require a killer music soundtrack. Which is where Audio Network comes in.

Our music for video

Producers seeking music for video projects have access to 213,737 original tracks and arrangements within the Audio Network library.

There are tunes, ditties and beds to suit most genres and styles of content whether you need:

Once you’ve found your perfect piece of music for video, you can then rest easy knowing that all of Audio Network’s music is pre-cleared for international TV and multiplatform use for ever.

To find your ideal music for video click on this link to use the Audio Network’s search facility now.

Featured Composer

Terry Devine-King

Terry’s work includes commercials for Guinness, Rover, Citroen, Orange, Daily Telegraph and Barclays, as well as numerous documentaries and TV projects....

Read here for more on Terry Devine-King.

Our music in video

The Audio Network Catalogue has been used in loads of different types of video including adverts, TV & Film; here are a few of our recent credits:

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