Music For Advertising

The production music used as the soundtrack to a television commercial can make or break the spot, the campaign and even the brand.
So integral is it to the success of advertising that music for commercials can even be the first part of a concept or treatment, inspiring the logos, visuals and message in the conceptualization of a campaign.

It can also bring untold riches to its composer, once the music is licensed and syndicated around the world, as a number of well-known musicians will testify.
Commercials producers looking for the perfect production music to accompany - or indeed lead - their advertising campaign should consider Audio Network’s music library.
It contains 217,429 original tracks, ditties, beds, effects and arrangements, and hundreds of them have been composed specifically so that they can be used as music to accompany or inspire a commercial.
With their catchy choruses, strong hooks, memorable melodies and high production values, there is a good chance that there will be music in the Audio Network library that is perfect for most types and styles of commercial.
Best of all, all music for commercials found within Audio Network’s library is pre-cleared for international TV and multiplatform use forever.
Use the Audio Network search function now to find your ideal production music for commercials.

Featured Artist

Alex Arcoleo

Born in 1994, Alex Arcoleo comes from a musical family and learnt the fundamentals of music through the self-taught study of the piano and composition. Since his mid-teens he has concentrated on expanding his musical landscape using electronics, unusual recording techniques and computer-based technology, all of which help him to develop his unique sound...

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Our advertising music in use

The Audio Network Catalogue has been used in loads of advertising productions; here are a few of our recent credits:

Behind the audio branding of the Cannes Lions Learning Channel

We caught up with Dina Elrayyes, the Interactive Lead & Designer for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to discuss the audio branding for their new online channel.

Audio Network composer Igor Dvorkin was approached to work on the project with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the world famous Abbey Road Studios.

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