Background Music

What is Background Music?

Background Music often refers to the unobtrusive tunes heard in a lift or in a restaurant, and can be another term for musak, piped music or weather music

To many people however, it’s just another name for a musical soundtrack, a bed or an accompanying composition on a:

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While background music can be almost entirely un-noteworthy, it can also:

  • create atmosphere
  • generate mood
  • prompt & provide narrative

Production music can be referred to as background music, even when it plays a crucial part in the telling of a story.

Our Background Music

Audio Network’s music library has 217,429 original background music tracks and arrangements, all of which are pre-cleared for international TV and multiplatform use in perpetuity.

To find background music for your next project use Audio Network’s search function by clicking here.

Our music in the background

The Audio Network Catalogue has been used in loads of productions for TV & Film; here are a few of our recent credits:

Featured Composer

Barrie Gledden

In 1998, Barrie was introduced to the world of production music & instantly knew it was for him. He loves the freedom it gives him to explore different musical genres, getting the same enjoyment from composing an intense atonal documentary piece as playing kazoo on a silly kids romp....

Read here for more on Barrie Gledden.

Background music from Abbey Road Studios

We take pride in the fact that our music is recorded by quality musicians in some of the world's greatest recording studios.

Watch this interview with Audio Network composer Paul Mottram on recording with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the world famous Abbey Road Studios.

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