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Proprio Motu 3700/5 15 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Tense, dramatic orchestral strings over distant sound design & cinematic percussion
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Bringing In The Harvest 3566/3 13 mixes Karen Street
Traditional olde English folk tune with lively oboe & flute melody accompanied by hurdy gurdy, lutes & percussion
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Courtly Dance For The Queen 3566/5 12 mixes Karen Street
English Renaissance courtly dance with bright oboe & recorder melody accompanied by lute & percussion
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Lament For A Lost Love 3566/7 12 mixes Karen Street
Haunting, gently lilting tenor recorder melody accompanied by lute, cello & drum. Courtly Renaissance/medieval style
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Solving The Equation 3553/4 12 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Vibrant, driving, rhythmic orchestral strings with nostaglic cello melody
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Emergence Of Time 3491/1 10 mixes James Brett
Awe inspiring, soaring orchestral hybrid with gentle synth arpeggios building to majestic strings, horns & choir
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The Crystal Chambers 3491/4 10 mixes James Brett
Bright driving orchestral hybrid with epic choir & heroic brass builds from hypnotic crystal bowl patterns opening
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Berlin Rezident 3488/11 6 mixes Christopher Slaski
Nostalgic orchestra with evocative trumpet solo transforms to a darker & mysterious second half
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City Of Redemption 3420/2 13 mixes Jody Jenkins
Proud orchestral & choral theme builds to uplifting anthem with dramatic, marching percussion & electronic elements
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Force Of Destiny 3391/2 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Solemn, imposing orchestral march evokes a deep sense of tragedy
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Royal Hymn 3391/7 7 mixes Patrick Hawes
Serene, majestic orchestra with expansive string phrases & brass swells. Nostalgic, heartwarming & patriotic
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Infinite Majesty 3383/3 13 mixes Luke Richards
Noble, stirring orchestral theme with panoramic strings. Builds throughout
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The Monarch 3280/7 11 mixes Guy Farley
Stately, intense & dramatic orchestral theme
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Mighty Oceans 3280/1 12 mixes Guy Farley | Daniel Corbin | Mike Austen
Awe-inspiring orchestral theme with spectacular swells, swirls & surges
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Te Deum 3183/8 15 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Formal, stately baroque orchestra with trumpet lead (c.1690)
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Past Echoes 3139/4 3 mixes John Ashton Thomas | Mark Lockheart | Roger Sayer
Spiritual, meditative & lyrical soprano saxophone glides above a gentle church organ bed
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Kirov Renewed 3137/2 13 mixes Chris Blackwell | Terry Devine-King
Sweeping, majestic orchestra with epic Russian choral theme. Builds throughout
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Old Ship 3132/7 7 mixes James Brett
A modal cello theme with stately orchestra evoking rural landscapes & historical grandeur. Slight renaissance feel
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Serenade Of The Night 2938/1 12 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Dubstep remix of 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' with glitchy orchestra & beats
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Creation Of The World 2937/1 15 mixes Martin Romberg | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love
Epic, dramatic orchestra & Norse choir. Builds throughout
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Pastoral Idyll 2842/6 7 mixes Patrick Hawes
Warm, lilting pastoral strings with lush melody & woodwind solos
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Into The Deep Blue 2775/1 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
Insistent staccato strings lead to a sweeping & majestic orchestral theme
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Assyrian Conflict 2736/3 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Epic Middle-Eastern orchestral build with dark percussion
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Land Of The Pharaohs 2736/2 13 mixes Terry Devine-King
Middle-Eastern violin intro building to uplifting orchestra with percs
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A Stern Hornpipe 2685/5 15 mixes Chris Warner
Whimsical woodwind & tabour dance with a nautical air
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