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Skydiver 3249/3 25 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley
Straight ahead US heavy rock with driving guitars & bright horns
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Adrenaline Junkie 3249/7 21 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley
Supercharged rock with full throttle guitars & dynamic horn riffs
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Destruction Derby 3249/9 25 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley
High energy US dirt track rock with driving guitars & punchy horns
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Hog Roast 3237/6 20 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley
Powerful up-tempo US rock & roll guitar workout with hot licks & tasty solos
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Southern Stomp 3237/7 16 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley
Up-tempo powerful Southern blues rock with driving riffs & grooving Hammond
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Long Winding Road 3207/7 9 mixes Julian Emery | Adam Noble
Highway-cruisin' classic rock with raw guitars, Hammond organ & solid drum groove
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Musical Joke 3186/7 12 mixes Mozart Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Bright & mildly comic 4th 'Presto' movement from Mozart's 'Musical Joke' arranged for orchestra (1787)
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Fist Fight 3178/12 7 mixes Chris Blackwell
Dramatic tribal drum treatment of the classic 'football chant' rhythm with distant crowd fx & howling guitar feedback
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Supremacy 3166/5 13 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Dirty fuzz guitar riff & pounding drums build to epic heavy rock with triumphant climax
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Boost 3040/4 11 mixes Gareth Johnson
Aggressive drum 'n' bass with dark pads, edgy synth hooks & warped sub bass
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Run With Me 3021/1 9 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Triumphant driving indie rock with uplifting guitars & keyboards
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Festival Of Stars 2991/5 6 mixes Joachim Horsley
Jubilant & celebratory orchestra with upbeat strings & Olympian brass
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Ion Drive 2982/8 20 mixes Chris Egan | Trystan Francis
Bright, positive orchestra with heroic brass, retro synths & driving beats
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Grits N Greens 2974/5 10 mixes Adam Drake | Marc Jackson Burrows
Driving Southern blues stomp with slide guitar, bouncing beats & quirky fx
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Jumbo Gumbo 2974/4 11 mixes Adam Drake | Marc Jackson Burrows
Funky groovin' blues guitar with solid beats & gospel choir
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Big Surf 2958/9 18 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths
Frenetic drum 'n' bass with blazing brass, groovy surf rock organ & guitars
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Black Canyon 2943/3 10 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Dirty stomping blues rock with a dusting of 70s glam swagger
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Hold Your Fire 2943/2 12 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
High-octane guitar rock with catchy top line hooks & anxious intro build
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Yin And The Yang 2934/1 14 mixes John 00 Fleming
Uplifting, feel-good 80s synths build over retro electronica groove
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Big Boys 2916/2 9 mixes Gareth Johnson
Spiky indie rock with major key riffs, snappy drums & big boy attitude
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Charger 2916/6 9 mixes Gareth Johnson
Classic driving muscular riff rock builds up a head of steam
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Filtertron 2916/4 9 mixes Gareth Johnson
Tough positive driving indie rock
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Hardware 2916/5 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Aggressive driving guitar rock with choppy riffs & punchy rhythm section
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Summer In Albion 2906/3 14 mixes Gareth Johnson
Up-tempo positive indie with driving guitars & twangy lead melody
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Buzzsaw 2901/1 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Powerful driving rock with fuzz-loaded riffs & wailing feedback solos
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