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War Games 3213/6 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis
Moody guitar & filtered synth atmosphere over insistent, chattering military snares & pounding percussion
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Into The Dark 3213/4 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Matt Sanchez
Tense synths & insistent military snares build with cinematic strings & dramatic brass
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Collateral 3211/2 14 mixes Matthew Slater
Frenetic orchestral action thriller with dynamic strings, soaring brass, pulsing synths & driving percussion
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On A Knife Edge 3211/6 16 mixes Matthew Slater
Tense orchestral hybrid action thriller builds to epic finale with frantic strings, powerful horns & dramatic drums
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Centaur Unleashed 3208/5 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Reflective horn & stirring strings build to an epic orchestral remix with powerful choir & driving electro elements
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Cyclops Unleashed 3208/4 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Futuristic orchestral epic with intense choral chanting & swooping sub drops over a driving 6/8 electro beat
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Medusa Unleashed 3208/6 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Epic orchestral remix with strings, brass & huge choir over slick trap beats with deep subs & edgy synths
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Minotaur Unleashed 3208/3 13 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Powerful glitched orchestra with soaring choir & filthy bass synths over trap beat. Ends in heavy slow rock grind
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Pegasus Unleashed 3208/1 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Orchestra & haunting duduk evolve over sharp, edgy breakbeats with dirty filtered bass & epic choir
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Triton Unleashed 3208/2 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Epic orchestral remix with distorted brass, huge choir, sharp strings & cutting edge rhythms
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Through The Sorrow 3196/4 13 mixes Jason Bowld | Christopher Clancy
Brooding symphonic metal with melodic piano hook, emotive strings & tortured male vocals. Intense middle section
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Faithless 3178/11 11 mixes Chris Blackwell
Intense, heavy-hitting drum attack with wild guitar screams amidst calmer, tension-building sections
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Healer 3178/6 11 mixes Chris Blackwell
Low, de-tuned metal guitars & synths over swaggering drum groove
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Cataclysm 3178/8 11 mixes Chris Blackwell
Aggressive drums with gritty synths. Transitions to atmospheric pads whilst maintaining rhythmic momentum
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Shadow Visions 3178/4 9 mixes Chris Blackwell
Aggressive metal guitar riffage over thrashing drums & intense percussion slams
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They Are Coming 3177/8 9 mixes Richard Lacy
Menacing rising Shepard Tones & growling deep bass build to terrifying climax with pulsing synth & dramatic hits
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Cold Feet 3177/1 10 mixes Richard Lacy
Dark pulsating bass & synths build with tense rising Shepard Tones, lo-fi industrial grooves & anxious piano
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Fight For The Future 3149/2 20 mixes Luke Richards
Dramatic orchestral hybrid action with tense strings, huge percussion & choir. Builds from dark atmospheric opening
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Global Panic 3148/1 12 mixes Mark Denis
Aggressive percussion, synths & pulses boil over into a screeching rage of intensity
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Flee The Scene 3148/4 12 mixes Mark Denis
Ominous low stabs into raging synths & slamming percussion. Accelerates to a frantic climax
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Resist And Revolt 3148/6 11 mixes Mark Denis | Randy Gist
Deep dark marching synths build into aggressive percussion & pulsing rise climax
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Zombies 3131/3 9 mixes Bob Bradley
Tense disorientating drums & percussion build with menacing EDM synths to driving aggressive climax
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Werewolves 3131/1 9 mixes Bob Bradley
Menacing war drums & brass stabs build with unsettling electronica & tense driving rhythms
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Reaper 3131/4 9 mixes Bob Bradley
Tense tom tom groove builds with dramatic thrusting electronic hits, percussion & menacing synths
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Nosferatu 3131/5 9 mixes Bob Bradley
Threatening synths & guitars build with cinematic hits & warlike percussion
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