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Vesta Tilley 3351/7 11 mixes Jessica Dannheisser
Lively, quirky orchestra with piano, jaunty solos, intricate woodwind & tuned percussion
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Out On The Plains 3225/1 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Sentimental vintage western ballad with fiddles, steel guitar, accordion & horse riding, yodelling cowboy
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Charleston Slap 3113/6 14 mixes Tim Garland
Bustling vintage Broadway style comedy show tune with vibrant brass & strings
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Live It In Style 3113/7 7 mixes Tim Garland
Classic Hollywood big band foxtrot with classy stings & comic tinge
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Temptress 3113/3 8 mixes Tim Garland
Ballsy, glamorous big band sleaze for big spenders featuring raunchy brass & seductive strings
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Curtain Raiser 3113/1 7 mixes Tim Garland
Glitzy, rousing curtain raiser for big band & strings from Broadway's Golden Age
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At Christmas Time 3087/2 18 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Malcolm Edmonstone | Jason Pedder
Cute, vintage Christmas duet with glitzy big band & strings
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Give Me That Cheer 3087/8 15 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Mark Armstrong | Jason Pedder
High-energy, swinging big band Christmas song with happy male vocal & chanting kids' chorus response
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Beyond The Prairies 2971/7 15 mixes Jody Jenkins
Upbeat orchestral hoedown with cowboy choir & spaghetti western opening
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Head Out West 2971/1 13 mixes Jody Jenkins
Classic, sweeping Western orchestral theme with rousing cowboy choir
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Garden Party 2961/1 10 mixes Andrew Cottee
Stylish & cheerful vintage swing dance orchestra with lush string melody
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Gingerbread Shoes 2961/7 10 mixes Andrew Cottee
Twee, jaunty & jolly vintage orchestral show tune
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Summer Stroll 2961/6 9 mixes Andrew Cottee
Easy swinging vintage orchestral with romantic strings & playful twiddles
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Viennese Whirl 2961/3 12 mixes Andrew Cottee
Graceful, nostalgic waltz with romantic strings & swirling flutes
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Woodpecker 2961/5 14 mixes Andrew Cottee
Lively vintage orchestra with comical wood-pecking noises
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Band Of Brothers 2733/1 15 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Rousing cowboy musical-style song with orchestra & brotherly group vocals
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Best News 2595/5 11 mixes Tim Garland
Joyful Broadway style male-lead swinger with trumpet middle section
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Cuckoo Papa 2595/7 11 mixes Tim Garland
Bluesy female vocal jokes about "kooky" man! Big band, strings & piano solo
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OK Shuffle 2595/2 7 mixes Tim Garland
Upbeat crooner with "I'm OK" vocal hook, swing big band & orchestra
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It Was You 2551/1 9 mixes Tim Garland
Swinging, glamorous big band & string orchestra extravaganza
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Silver Dollar 2364/8 13 mixes Ray Davies
Lonesome trumpet solo & brass into beautiful vintage orchestral theme
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Fantasy Dreamworld 2242/1 12 mixes Ray Davies
Glamorous fanfare into classic dreamy orchestral. Majestic sweeping strings
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Night Prowler 2175/3 19 mixes Ray Davies
Haunting vintage horror with muted brass & strings. Romantic B theme
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Happy Life 1886/7 6 mixes Paul Mottram
Carefree charming magical orchestra
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