Audio Network’s music for comedy selection includes styles, tunes, tracks, stings, loops and snippets that can be used for just about any TV, film or commercial. From hilarious Cheesy/Kitsch tracks and Loony/Zany numbers to outrageous Slapstick music and Jaunty/Whimsical tunes, there is bound to be a piece of comedy production music here to suit. The range includes comedy styles though the ages such as Music Hall/Vaunderville and Slapstick. It also features Comedy effects, Zany numbers and tunes that are deliberately Badly Played. In addition, if you are looking for comedy library music that suits a defined character or action in a comedy style that is also possible. You can choose from Chase, Villainy, Stealth, Saucy or Cheeky. If that wasn’t enough there’s also instruments such as the Wah Wah Trumpet and the Jews Harp that will bring a touch of humour to any production.

Try combining musical styles, moods, instumentation and production genres

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