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Jose Pescado 3239/8 11 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional tango quintet with melancholic violin & bandoneon over a rhythmic piano vamp. Modulates to major key section ending with big tango finale
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Peleona 3239/7 10 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional tango waltz with wistful melody shared between nylon-string guitars & Argentine bandoneon. Also features piano & a small string ensemble
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Fuelle Y Cuerda 3239/6 12 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional & intense tango with bandoneon, passionate string playing & spirited piano
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Impulso Tanguero 3239/5 9 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional dramatic tango with bandoneon, bass, violin, cello & piano. Intense & passionate
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Villa Dolores 3239/4 11 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Jaunty quintet featuring piano, bandoneon & strings perform an upbeat traditional tango with a hint of melancholic spice
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A Don Nick 3239/3 12 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Passionate tango ensemble with unsettling chordal modulations & off-kilter melodies
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A Don Hetore 3239/1 14 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Dramatic, dark & powerful tango with bandoneon, piano, & strings
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Cajita De Ilusiones 3239/2 14 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Uplifting, playful & almost funny milonga with piano, strings & bandoneon
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Andean Dawn 2670/4 8 mixes Theo Travis
Peaceful South American quena flute. The sound of the Andes mountains
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Trap Del Barrio 2434/6 13 mixes William Davies | Hector Jesus Alvarez | Kyle Lemaire
Gritty reggaeton/moombahton with edgy male vocals & wild siren FX
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Pray 2181/5 9 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Edwin Almonte | Sergio Cabral
Smooth male vocal, big Latin beats & chilled chorus with cute female vocal
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Activao 2142/6 11 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Edwin Almonte | Sergio Cabral | Ali Theodore
Latino reggaeton with frenetic mandolin, drums & Spanish male vocals
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El Disco 2142/5 11 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Sergio Cabral | Ali Theodore | Nicholas Loizides
Exotic reggaeton with salsa band, punchy beats & male vocals in Spanglish
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Ms Bossy 2142/3 10 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Edwin Almonte | Robert Stribling
Gritty reggaeton with cool male vocals & fast moving synths
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Pa La Playa 2142/1 11 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Edwin Almonte | Sergio Cabral | Ali Theodore
Laid back reggaeton with acoustic guitars, percussion & male vocals
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Player Hater 2142/4 9 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Edwin Almonte | Sergio Cabral
Quirky reggaeton with hand percussion, gritty synths & Spanish vocals
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Una Invasion 2142/2 11 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Sergio Cabral | Ali Theodore | Nicholas Loizides
Catchy salsaton with propulsive drum beat, brass & Spanish vocals
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Island To Island 1474/7 10 mixes Terry Devine-King
Bright & cheerful holiday reggaeton with brass melody
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Los 12 Dias De Navidad 3449/2 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
'Twelve Days of Christmas' performed in the traditional Venezuelan aguinaldo folk style with Spanish female vocals
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Navidad Navidad 3449/1 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Traditional Spanish Christmas carol with female vocals, acoustic guitars, driving percussion & festive bells
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Noche De Paz 3449/3 15 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Beautiful & emotive Venezuelan waltz rendition of 'Silent Night' with Spanish female vocals, piano, guitar & cello
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Paraguana 3439/2 18 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Lively, joyful retro-style Caribbean theme builds with cuatro, percussion & woodwind to big orchestral finale

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