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Percussion Crush 3375/4 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Uptempo Latin percussion groove with additional electro beats. Drops into a trap groove with dramatic rising synths
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Latino Jam 3375/3 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
High energy electronic Latin percussion groove with mangled trap vocal FX & dirty synths
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Rio Kiss 3375/1 12 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Frenetic & high-energy Latin percussion groove with contemporary synth FX
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Yes Baby 3375/5 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Tropical Latin groove with melodic bass, syncopated synths & reggaeton beat
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Carnival Nights 3375/2 17 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Carnival party celebrations with brass hits over an epic drum battery with flutes & bird FX
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Street Kid 3375/6 12 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Energetic Latin percussion groove with dirty bass, synth glitches & hip hop swagger
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Slick Moves 3375/7 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super cool Latin groove with live percussion, trap-influenced synths & bass. Full of swagger
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Kulu 3324/5 9 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Ethereal & building Afrobeat groove with hypnotic bass, fast percussion, horn section, buzzing synths & vocal chants
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Flying Lizard 3324/2 7 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Relentless Afrobeat groove with jazzy & psychedelic instrumentation weaving in & out throughout
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Bhangra Pauna Ve 3314/1 13 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Driving bhangra with heavy bass, synths, male Punjabi vocals & traditional Indian dhol
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Saiyaan Mera Jhootha 3314/6 13 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Quirky Bollywood pop song with female Indian vocals, synths, beats, heavy bass & tabla
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Mehendi Rachnewali 3314/2 14 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Traditional Indian wedding song with beautiful female lead & backing vocals, driving percussion, santoor & bansuri
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Aadataan Kharaab 3314/3 12 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Trippy electronic Bollywood song with male Punjabi lyrics, dark electronic beats, driving synths & guitar hook
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Jashn Ki Shaam 3314/4 18 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Upbeat Bhangra with dance beats, dhol, ektara, harmonium, powerful Punjabi lead & backing vocals
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Realms Of Fantasy 3275/7 18 mixes Terry Devine-King
Feel-good fusion of chanting vocals & Afro pop elements over a driving dance groove
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Crescent Crossroads 3272/1 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Hybrid Chinese pop mixing traditional & contemporary elements. Features catchy riffs on Dizi flute & Erhu over an electro groove
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Bamboo Market 3272/2 11 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Quirky, upbeat pop with Chinese erhus & bamboo flutes crossed with contemporary electro production
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The Dragon Azure 3272/3 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Hybrid oriental pop with uplifting Chinese pipa & erhu melodies over modern synths & electro beats
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Shoal Of Koi 3272/4 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Chinese-inspired pop hybrid with uplifting erhu & pipa melodies over a pumping electro groove
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Golden Pagoda 3272/5 11 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Modern Chinese pop hybrid with uplifting dizi flutes, pipa guitars, guzhengs & synths over an electro beat
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Flight Of The Crane 3272/6 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Atmospheric pop with Chinese hulusi & dizi melodies over ambient synths & laid-back electro groove
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Dance Of The Foo Dog 3272/7 17 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Traditional Chinese instruments play joyful & uplifting melodies over anthemic synths & an electro pop groove
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Down To Earth 3256/1 11 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Feel-good East/West fusion with strummed acoustic guitars, tablas, sitar & Bollywood style strings
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Twin Coast 3256/3 8 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Dynamic fusion of Bhangra, Bollywood & big band style jazz
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Unforgettable Sunrise 3256/2 8 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Mellow dreamy Asian fusion with piano, Chinese flute, Bollywood strings, tablas & sitar over gently driving drums
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