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Chicory Mama 3409/4 15 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Laid back traditional New Orleans jazz blues with steamy female vocal
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Down In New Orleans 3409/1 18 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Relaxed traditional jazz blues song about New Orleans with female vocal
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Boston Tea 3296/4 11 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Perky ragtime march featuring clarinet, dobro, banjo & old time jug band
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Prohibition Blues 3296/3 14 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Lazy Southern jazz blues with clarinet, fiddle, banjo & swaying jug band
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Whistle Stop Rag 3296/6 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Jaunty vintage 12 bar blues with dobro, fiddle, clarinet & jug band. Cheeky & playful
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Way Above 3182/8 15 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber | Seth Travins
Mid-tempo folk ballad with acoustic guitar, bluesy piano & uplifting chorus with male vocal harmonies
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Bad Boy Boogie 2817/5 8 mixes Terry Devine-King | Elfed Hayes
Upbeat twelve-bar piano blues with rock & roll beat & rebellious lyrics
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Cookin' Up A Storm 2817/6 10 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Swingin' 50s rock & roll groove with fast blues guitar licks
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Keep On Rollin 2817/1 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Good times 50s rock & roll groove with male vocals & swinging piano
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I've Found You Again 2595/1 9 mixes Tim Garland
Impassioned blues song with female vocal & luxurious jazz orchestra
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Fat Cat Rag 2519/5 20 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Dan Burnett
Easy going ragtime with smug male vocal & ''pay you back tomorrow'' hook
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That's How It Is 2519/1 19 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Dan Burnett
Ragtime blues song with financially challenged & downtrodden male vocal
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Homebody Queen 2314/1 7 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber
Jaunty acoustic swing blues song with scat vocal, harmonica & street band
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Wish 2314/5 8 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber | Seth Travins
Easy going country blues lullaby with ukulele, harmonica & gentle vocals
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Seasick Blues 2227/5 4 mixes John Etheridge | Graham Pike
Rockin' boogie harmonica & acoustic guitar blues
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Beauty Blues 2189/5 12 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Chicago blues. 'Well you ain't no beauty but you look good to me' lyrics,
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Blues For Sisi 2004/5 24 mixes William Davies | Raphael White
Quirky chromatic blues for clarinet, featuring violin, guitar & double bass
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Home In New Orleans 1973/5 9 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Slow, old style jazz blues with smooth lead vocal & 6 piece New Orleans band
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Flim Flam 1973/4 8 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Authentic New Orleans jazz blues song about a lazy slacker. Female vocal
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I Never Saw It Coming 1973/6 9 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Jaunty, authentic New Orleans jazz blues song with smoky female vocal
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Blue Swagger 1973/3 8 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Sleazy New Orleans jazz blues featuring distinctive wah wah trumpet
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Selling the Blues 1973/2 9 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Plodding jazz blues song about an old timer from New Orleans. Female vocal
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Canal Street Blues 1842/2 5 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Classic New Orleans street jazz with woodwind, brass, dobro & bass drum
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All The Rage 1785/5 7 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Swinging blues funk remix with blistering horns & a "good times" feel
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Take Two 1754/5 11 mixes Bruce Maginnis
Laid back, piano led jazz blues with guitar, trumpet & male harmony vocals
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