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Relaxed Riviera 2950/8 11 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Alluring bolero played by a sun-drenched & squiffy market square band
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Circus 2555/5 14 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Zany waltzing comedy with piano melody, jaw harp, kazoos & vocals
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Epic Fail 2555/8 15 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Calamitous galloping comedy with piano melody, silly FX & vocals
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Polka Face 2555/6 14 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Quirky pop polka comedy with kazoo, pitched up vocals & slapstick perc
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Slapstick 2555/4 14 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Pie throwing comedy with quirky piano, wacky vocals, percussion & FX
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Wrong Horse Town 2555/2 14 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Madcap cowboy comedy with piano, kazoo, zany vocals & slapstick perc
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General Custard 1135/5 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy | Richard Lacy
Less than sensible tune from otherwise competent musicians. Kazoo, tuba & banjo
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Clowntime 1125/5 7 mixes Doug Boyle
Cheesy & silly organ tune
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By The Seaside 1004/6 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Traditional seaside fairground organ tune
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Wedding March 3 1232/34 4 mixes Arr. James Thomas
Solo organ. Terrible player. Gets worse, use 2nd half for real shocker
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Silent Night 3 1027/55 3 mixes Arr. Paul Mottram
Drunk/comedy version of famous carol.
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Lullaby 6 2346/135 14 mixes Brahms Arr. Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | David Tobin
Drunk strings scraping out Brahms' lullaby
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Cling On To Me 1914/3 13 mixes Paul Ressel
Madcap symphony of twisted sounds & rhythms. Bizarrely uplifting
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Church Street Blues 1842/4 5 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Plodding, 1930s New Orleans street jazz with a funeral procession feel
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Funeral Farce 1531/15 2 mixes Barnaby Dickinson
Comedy sadness. Solo trombone with quotes from the Chopin Funeral March
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Gawd Save My Spleen 1531/16 1 mixes Barnaby Dickinson
Drunken solo trombone playing British National Anthem
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Easy Cheezy 1059/6 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Richard Lacy
Silly, cheesy melody with cheap drums & tuba
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Nothing But Trouble 2 1782/59 6 mixes Christian Marsac
Mid tempo garage rock instrumental with upright piano & ambient drums
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Torpid Tango 1008/7 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Richard Lacy
Quirky tango with Spanish guitar, cheesy drum machine & trumpet
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Alcohol 1008/10 2 mixes Barrie Gledden
Drunk New Orleans band struggle comically to play a blues
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Jangle Bar 1004/24 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Jangle bar piano playing comedy waltz
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Witzend Waltz 1176/15 2 mixes Oliver Ledbury
Terribly played beginner learning cello. Optional piano accompaniment
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Gavin's Gavotte 1176/14 2 mixes Oliver Ledbury
Atrociously played flute played by beginner
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