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Pondlife 3305/5 13 mixes Skaila Kanga
Eerie harp arpeggios that bustle & scuttle with unsettling motion
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Metal Works 3281/1 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Dark & percussive dubstep track with spliced vocals FX driven by found-sound percussion sounds
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Fevah 3281/3 9 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Uplifting, percussion-driven track with chanting, horns, jungle-like percussion & electronic elements for support
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Third Eye 3257/2 11 mixes James Taylor
Rippling fast flowing solo piano swirls & glistens
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Chase Down 2880/4 6 mixes Zach Beauvais
Intense, high velocity drum 'n' bass with dirty synths & cinematic fx
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Intrusion 2880/5 6 mixes Zach Beauvais
Minimal technical drum 'n' bass with orchestral intro & drumless break at 1:29
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Outpost Raid 2880/6 7 mixes Zach Beauvais
Intense cinematic drum 'n' bass with tearing bass synth. Kicks off at 1:28
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Step Forward 2880/7 8 mixes Zach Beauvais
Low & rumbling ambient fx launch into frenetic drum 'n' bass groove
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Tracer 2880/2 7 mixes Zach Beauvais
Cinematic drum 'n' bass with hypnotic synth intro & epic sound design
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Merciless 2880/3 6 mixes Zach Beauvais
Heavy percussive drum 'n' bass groove with cinematic fx & dirty bass
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Running Blind 2880/1 5 mixes Zach Beauvais
Percussive build up into driving drum 'n' bass groove with warped bass
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Dash 2869/4 10 mixes Gareth Johnson | Evan Jenkins
Dark, low string drones with frantic late night jazz drums & ebow textures
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Leave 2869/7 10 mixes Gareth Johnson | Evan Jenkins
Ambient noir soundscape with analogue synth pulses, Rhodes & drums
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Advance 2773/5 13 mixes Paul Ressel | Sue Verran
Fast paced electro with vocal FX, quirky percussion, synths & speedy bass
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Recursion 2717/2 10 mixes Matt Hill
Intricate & interweaving mallet percussion sequences
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Clapping Song 2532/5 28 mixes Paul Clarvis | Frank Ricotti
Percussive build-up with layered hand claps, leg slaps & clicking rhythms
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Inspirations 2500/4 10 mixes Jason Pedder | Douglas Brown | Ashley Barnes | Daniel Hayden
Pulsing electronica with warped vocal, synth layers & grooving rhythm section
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Drop 2494/5 8 mixes Bob Bradley
Melodic dubstep with ripping bassline, piano & pad topline & glitchy beats
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Hell Raiser 2494/3 9 mixes David O'Brien
Hard dubstep with strings, demonic organ & glitchy, gated bassline
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Numbly Bear 2365/6 14 mixes Paul Ressel
Intricate percussion with synths, strings & chopped up Chinese zither
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Nadja 2336/3 16 mixes Alex Norgate
Drum 'n' bass with ambient synths & haunting ethnic female vocals
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Workers 2281/2 9 mixes Theo Travis
Bustling, building looped alto flutes & soprano sax. Busy & metronomic
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Catalyst 2235/12 5 mixes Daniel Harwood
Dark & dirty glitch soundscape with eerie fx & drum 'n' bass beats
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Wreck It 1992/7 11 mixes Richard Kimmings | Jason Pedder
Intense drum 'n' bass with stuttering synth patterns & ambient breakdowns
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Summon The Warriors 1962/3 15 mixes Chris Blackwell
A thrilling concoction of percussive layers that build to climactic end
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