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As I Go Higher 3748/6 8 mixes Kes Loy
Thoughtful picked acoustic & palm muted guitars over ambient pads build in warmth & optimism
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Falling Deep 3747/2 9 mixes Collin Desha | Richard Craker
Anthemic rock with half-time drums, edgy guitar solos, bass guitar & pop punk vocals
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Like A Fever Dream 3747/5 11 mixes Collin Desha | Andrés Villalobos
Mid-tempo stirring indie rock with driven guitars, progressive drums, synths, bass guitar & lead male vocal
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Today Is Tomorrow's Memories 3747/7 11 mixes Collin Desha | Cameron Dmytryk | Brijesh Pandya
Up-tempo feel good indie with punchy rock guitar riffs, bass guitar, synths, drums & lead male vocal
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Fire Starter 3747/8 9 mixes Collin Desha | Brijesh Pandya
Progressive psych indie song with soaring synths, distorted drums, fuzz guitar, bass guitar & lead male vocal
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We Collide 3745/2 10 mixes Christopher Ikechukwu
Upbeat Afro dancehall with electric guitar, hard hitting beats, synth bass, featured percussion & male auto tune vocal
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Maybe Us 3745/4 10 mixes Christopher Ikechukwu
Hypnotic Afro R&B with punchy beat, synths, bass, wide harmonies, ad libs, percussion, vocal fx & lead male vocal
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One 3745/5 11 mixes Christopher Ikechukwu
Catchy Afro R&B with saxophone, synth pads, bass, percussion, layered vocal fx & laid back male lead vocal
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Pull Up 3745/6 9 mixes Christopher Ikechukwu
Drill Afro R&B with punchy beats, 808 bass, synths, ad libs & male auto tune lead vocal
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As I Pray 3745/1 10 mixes Christopher Ikechukwu | Norah Nneka Opara
Smooth Afro R&B with thumping drums, synth bass, synths, catchy synth lead, female backing vocal & lead male vocal. Explicit mix
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Bad Guy 3745/3 10 mixes Christopher Ikechukwu | Norah Nneka Opara
Laid back Afro R&B with chilled saxophone, lead male vocal, female backing vocal, percussion, bass, synths & drums
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Ice Cream Dream 3744/3 16 mixes Jethro Chaplin | Raithe Laurence | Harry George Keyworth
Dreamy vocal melody with floaty tremolo guitar chords, chilled drums, grooving bass & uplifting strings
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Fields From The Sky 3744/5 13 mixes Jethro Chaplin | Raithe Laurence | Harry George Keyworth
Wistful strings, piano & acoustic guitar build with percussion & uplifting harmony vocals to a reflective conclusion
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In Or Out 3742/1 12 mixes Matt Goodman
Modern funky hip hop with synth stabs, guitar, funk bass guitar, drums, male vocals & group backing vocals
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I Don't Mind 3742/7 13 mixes Matt Goodman
80s inspired funk pop with drum machines, guitars, synths, bass, male vocals & backing vocals
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Get Loose 3742/4 10 mixes Matt Goodman
80s funk inspired pop with synth stabs & leads, synth bass, electric guitar, drum machine, percussion & male lead vocal
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The Words Won't Come Out 3742/5 12 mixes Matt Goodman
Funky R&B inspired pop with synths, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, brass, male vocal & vocal fx
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Grit Your Teeth 3741/3 10 mixes Edward Lee Liggitt III
Honest, tear-jerking country folk song with steel guitar, heartfelt male vocal, drums, brass & banjo
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Granaina Alcazar 3740/7 7 mixes Maria Inmaculada Carmona Luque | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love
Beautiful, passionate & virtuosic solo classical flamenco guitar
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Taranto 3740/4 7 mixes Maria Inmaculada Carmona Luque | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love
Reflective, melancholic flamenco on solo classical guitar
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Dhyana 3738/1 12 mixes Glenn Sharp | Jasdeep Singh Degun | Shahbaz Hussain
Mournful theme with sitar alaap, sweeping strings, guitar & hypnotic tabla groove
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Jalalabad 3738/4 15 mixes Glenn Sharp | Jasdeep Singh Degun | Kaviraj Singh Dhadyalla | Shahbaz Hussain
Pensive, sombre South Asian folk fusion with Afgan rubab accompanied by sitar, guitar, tabla & strings
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Sarupata 3738/5 9 mixes Glenn Sharp | Jasdeep Singh Degun | Kaviraj Singh Dhadyalla | Shahbaz Hussain
Moody North Indian classical theme with sitar, santoor, tabla & strings
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Indus 3738/8 12 mixes Glenn Sharp | Kaviraj Singh Dhadyalla | Shahbaz Hussain
Mysterious Indian santoor & rabab with acoustic guitar, brooding strings, bansuri flute & tabla
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A Noble Task 3736/7 12 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Nostalgic strings & piano give way to a rousing, heroic orchestral theme with sound design & big percussion
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