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They Were There 3414/10 11 mixes Nik Kershaw
Moving ballad featuring acoustic guitar, strings, male vocal & haunting lyrics
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The Sky's The Limit 3414/11 11 mixes Nik Kershaw
Aspirational mid-tempo pop/rock torch song with male vocal
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Little Star 3379/6 7 mixes Nik Kershaw
Gentle, emotional lullaby/ballad with piano, strings & male vocal
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These Little Things 3379/3 8 mixes Nik Kershaw
Mid-tempo pop/rock celebration of real life with soaring strings & male vocal
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Work It Out 3373/2 22 mixes Randall Breneman | Jake Field
Mellow 60s/70s soul love song with heartfelt male vocal
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Heart And Soul 3373/4 19 mixes Randall Breneman | Jake Field
Raw & reflective soulful song with impassioned male vocal
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I Just Can't Forget About You 3317/6 12 mixes Craig Hardy
Regretful pop ballad with powerful female vocal, piano, sweeping strings & marching drums
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The Very Last Time 3317/3 12 mixes Craig Hardy | Carolyn Jordan | Alice Penrose
Emotional pop ballad with reflective female vocal, piano, drums & strings. Builds
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Silent Night 3277/1 15 mixes Arr. Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Moving Christmas pop ballad arrangement with intimate female vocal, ambient guitars, sparse trumpet & lush backing vocals
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River Of Goodbyes 3263/8 17 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Reflective country rock breakup ballad with brooding male vocal
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Nearly Ten Years 3245/2 8 mixes Hardress Lloyd
Warm, romantic & reflective piano ballad with rich string counter melodies, piano & male vocal
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Song For Grace 3245/4 7 mixes Hardress Lloyd
Poignant piano ballad with heartbreaking male vocal, haunting trumpet & lush strings
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Fall In Love Again 3225/6 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Sentimental 1950s country swing ballad with pedal steel, violins & heartfelt female vocal
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Out On The Plains 3225/1 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Sentimental vintage western ballad with fiddles, steel guitar, accordion & horse riding, yodelling cowboy
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Texas And Old Mexico 3225/5 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Vintage romantic Tex Mex cowboy waltz ballad with golden era male vocal
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Sail Into The Night 3193/1 10 mixes Will Cookson
Inspiring indie folk song with male & female vocals, piano, strings & rousing chorus. Builds with choir & trumpet
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Sunlight And Ashes 3193/3 7 mixes Will Cookson
Plaintive ballad with intimate solo male & duet vocals. Builds to emotional climax with lush strings & solo cello
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Big Dark World 3193/5 12 mixes Will Cookson
Theatrical minor key piano ballad with male vocals, dramatic strings & pounding drum
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By Candlelight 3193/6 9 mixes Will Cookson
Delicate ballad with piano, intimate male vocal, warm strings & poignant lyrical themes
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Way Above 3182/8 15 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber | Seth Travins
Mid-tempo folk ballad with acoustic guitar, bluesy piano & uplifting chorus with male vocal harmonies
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Flying Like A Bird 3170/7 18 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Blissful & romantic ambient dream pop with airy female vocal
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Racing Green 3170/8 16 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Romantic female dream pop ballad with epic chorus featuring ambient synth & vocal layers
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Tropical Rain 3170/11 16 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Tranquil romantic ambient pop ballad with dreamy female vocals
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World Without Borders 3170/9 16 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Epic dream pop with ambient layers, piano & soaring female vocals
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The Wolves They Will Come 3163/7 12 mixes Geoff Rana | Paul Lani | Adam Alexander
Reflective male vocals & rolling acoustic guitar build with soft drum groove & beautiful, emotive strings
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