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Deep Sea Power 3708/2 12 mixes Cody Page
Quirky hip hop with plucked koto melody, dreamy chopped orchestral loop, hard glissando bassline, 808-style drums & world percussion accents
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Global Player 3694/4 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Forward moving, uneasy hip hop with 808 bass, trap hats, hypnotic synths & world percussion
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Stick Dance 3693/6 8 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Jump-up percussive explosion with a large battery of drums, Indian tablas, hand claps, world percussion & fx
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Summer Daze 3628/6 9 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Funky, feel good summer house, with string stabs, drums, piano & vocal samples
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Beat Bomb 3603/8 9 mixes William Davies
Lively, street-influenced pop funk beats with busy Latin/Afro percussion & synth effects
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In Search Of The Sunrise 3580/8 10 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Sunset chill out beats with tropical percussion, atmospheric pads & hypnotic synth FX
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Masters Of Wushu 3575/7 5 mixes George Shaw
Tense driving Chinese drums & percussion build to exciting climax
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Six Nations 3547/5 9 mixes Chris Blackwell
Powerful & exciting tribal drums. Builds throughout to frenetic climax
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The Jade Road 3527/5 20 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Bright South East Asian flutes & dulcimers fused with uplifting synths, world percussion & trap beats
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Silver Linings 3524/4 10 mixes Tom Gleeson | Christopher Sheldon
90s grungy alt rock song with male vocals, flamenco-tinged acoustic guitar chords & exotic percussion. Builds to an electric & anthemic chorus
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Chambers 3517/2 14 mixes Tristan Francois De Liege | Benjamin Hill
Lively synth patterns over moody deep bass drones build with driving ethnic percussion & chirping flute
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Voces 3517/4 15 mixes Tristan Francois De Liege | Benjamin Hill
Light uplifting Afro/house fusion with mellow jazz horns builds from simple kalimba opening
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Headlong 3512/4 13 mixes Rob Kelly | Ben Parry | Alexander L'Estrange
Joyous, inspirational layered harmony vocals & chants with continuous clapping & ethnic percussion
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Gamelan Celebration 3511/5 22 mixes Michael Tedstone | Max Benjamin Gittings
Enchanting Balinese gamelan patterns & Asiatic flutes build with warm guitars & traditional percussion
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Future Plazas 3491/6 12 mixes James Brett
Bright orchestral hybrid builds to rousing finale with driving strings, world percussion & joyous choral chant
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We Stayed Up All Night 3487/7 9 mixes George Georgia
Hypnotic percussion ostinato with ambient pads, piano & ethnic stringed instruments over a four-to-the-floor groove
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Paraguana 3439/2 18 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Lively, joyful retro-style Caribbean theme builds with cuatro, percussion & woodwind to big orchestral finale
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4 Bu 6 Ku Bayashi 3417/1 7 mixes Joji Hirota
Powerful & frenetic taiko drumming with additional intertwining percussion rhythms & loud vocal shouts
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Futsu Nushi 3417/2 9 mixes Joji Hirota
Quick-fire taiko drumming with metallic, sword-like rhythms & vocal yells throughout
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Go Ryou E 3417/3 8 mixes Joji Hirota
Slow & processional percussion rhythms with shakuhachi & vocal chants
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Nowaki 3417/4 6 mixes Joji Hirota
Taiko drums pounding traditional ‘mitsu uchi’ rhythms with vocal shouts throughout
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Hikiyama Matsuri 3417/5 7 mixes Joji Hirota
Taiko group with vocal shouts, hypnotic drum rhythms & bell percussion. Changes loud/soft dynamic throughout
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Ikazuchi 3417/6 7 mixes Joji Hirota
Slow taiko drums erupt into a fast & powerful groove with vocal shouts to simulate the might of thunder & lightning
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Pageant III 3417/7 10 mixes Joji Hirota
Traditional Japanese festival music with taiko drums, percussion & shakuhachi (flutes)
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Shibu Roku Dance 3417/8 7 mixes Joji Hirota
Traditional shibu roku rhythm played by taiko ensemble with lively group vocal calls
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