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Bouncin' 3113/2 8 mixes Tim Garland
Bouncy, bright & breezy big band shuffle with orchestral strings
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Charleston Slap 3113/6 14 mixes Tim Garland
Bustling vintage Broadway style comedy show tune with vibrant brass & strings
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Temptress 3113/3 8 mixes Tim Garland
Ballsy, glamorous big band sleaze for big spenders featuring raunchy brass & seductive strings
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Curtain Raiser 3113/1 7 mixes Tim Garland
Glitzy, rousing curtain raiser for big band & strings from Broadway's Golden Age
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Deadly Temptress 2985/1 20 mixes Chris Egan | Martin Williams
Classic film noir score with mysterious & sultry orchestra
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Garden Party 2961/1 10 mixes Andrew Cottee
Stylish & cheerful vintage swing dance orchestra with lush string melody
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Viennese Whirl 2961/3 12 mixes Andrew Cottee
Graceful, nostalgic waltz with romantic strings & swirling flutes
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Woodpecker 2961/5 14 mixes Andrew Cottee
Lively vintage orchestra with comical wood-pecking noises
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Wonder 2927/2 7 mixes Costas Fotopoulos
Uplifting & lush soundscape with full orchestra & choir
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Foolish Dreamer 2750/3 9 mixes Tim Garland
Lazy, jazzy vintage sax melody with lush strings, pizz & a wry sexy smile
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Infernal Galop 2600/3 19 mixes Offenbach Arr. Julian Gallant | Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Rob Kelly
High kicking, raucous orchestral fling/Can-Can dance (1858)
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Entrance Of The Clowns 2600/4 14 mixes Fucik Arr. Julian Gallant | Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Rob Kelly
Classic orchestral circus theme, aka Entry of the Gladiators (1897)
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I've Found You Again 2595/1 9 mixes Tim Garland
Impassioned blues song with female vocal & luxurious jazz orchestra
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It Was You 2551/1 9 mixes Tim Garland
Swinging, glamorous big band & string orchestra extravaganza
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Bright New Life 2402/1 7 mixes Tim Garland
Exhilarating, triumphant orchestra with vibrant strings & heroic brass
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Romantic Escape 2153/3 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Adam Dennis | Chris Egan
Whimsical waltz led by piano & accordion. Silky strings & smooth rhythms
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Opening Night 1821/1 13 mixes Ray Davies
Exciting & romantic razzle dazzle orchestra from 1950's Hollywood
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This High Life 1724/4 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Mottram | Andrew Griffiths
Super smooth glitzy orchestra with retro clubby house groove
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Right Stuff 1724/5 14 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Mottram | Andrew Griffiths
Feel good glitzy orchestral with band & backing vocals
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Higher than High 1724/2 14 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Mottram | Andrew Griffiths
Upbeat orchestra with glamorous club groove
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Get Up And Go 1724/6 21 mixes Paul Mottram | Bob Bradley
Energetic upbeat theme with strings & beats
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Freedom of the City 1496/12 11 mixes Ray Davies
Sparkling, classic, glamorous orchestral romp
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Sportscast 1496/1 5 mixes Ray Davies
Ebullient, brassy orchestral from sport's golden era
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Hobgoblin's Ball 1328/7 5 mixes Ray Davies
Beamingly jolly vintage orchestral caper
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Tearful Acceptance 1267/2 3 mixes Tim Garland
Glamorous orchestra & big band. And the winner is..
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