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Rebuild 3202/2 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Melancholy violin & piano in a sparse contemplative ambience. Optimism grows with warm strings & guitar
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Heavy Rain 3202/3 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Reflective electric guitar over pads builds with strings, drums & guitars to powerful, heroic climax
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String Theories 3202/4 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Warm guitar arpeggios under poignant cello & violin lead to epic post rock build with dramatic symphonic strings
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Mojave Canyon 3202/5 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Sparse, moody & wistful ambient electric guitar with melancholy strings
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Furthest Reaches 3191/1 15 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Bright piano arpeggios build with cascading melodies, driving synth bass & string ostinato. Mesmeric & inspiring
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Kangaroos 3187/4 13 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Little leaps & uncertain pounces from 2 pianos & 2 violins from Carnival of the Animals (1886)
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Mysterium 3180/7 10 mixes Tim Garland
Solemn poignant orchestral elegy with soaring violin & angelic choir
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At The End Of The Day 3167/4 13 mixes Dario Forzato | Omar Fadel
Sparse Americana with atmospheric textures, solo fiddle, warm strings & engaging melodies. Builds with drums
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Dalina 3165/3 12 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Mediterranean folk dance with mandolin, flute, strings & brass
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Tarendella 3165/5 11 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Classic southern Italian gypsy folk dance. Quickens
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Prim And Proper 3158/4 9 mixes Patrick Hawes
Genteel waltz for violin, cello & viola
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Mares Of The Night 3154/1 14 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Traditional Scandinavian folk instruments & haunting voices builds with orchestra & driving percussion
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Skogsraah 3154/2 16 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Sparse, reflective intro with flute & fiddle melodies gradually bloom into a serene orchestral waltz with eerie passages
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The Neck 3154/4 14 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Eerie solo violin & atmospheric fx builds with pulsing synth, orchestra & percussion. Ethereal 'B section' with vocal textures
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Nidhugg The Dragon 3154/6 18 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Traditional Scandinavian folk instruments with demonic orchestra, brass & epic percussion
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Haxor Wicca 3154/7 16 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Trad. eerie Scandinavian folk theme with violins, fiddle, synth & orchestra. Builds to a grand beat-driven climax
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Ran 3154/3 17 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Trad. Scandinavian themes driven by violins, fiddle, piano, synths, big percussion & full orchestra. Builds to epic finish
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La Duda 3152/6 14 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Orlando Felice Rodriguez Di Pietro
Latin tango pop with soulful Spanish vocal over piano, solo violin & Latin percussion with bright brass in chorus
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Genius 3149/6 13 mixes Luke Richards
Tense piano & orchestra build in positivity with soaring violin arpeggios to triumphant climax
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Celtica 3147/2 9 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Bewitching, mystical & magical Celtic folk featuring tin whistle, dulcimer, accordion, fiddle & clock bells
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Maiden's Web 3147/7 10 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Mysterious, haunting Celtic flute, harp, fiddle & bells
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Secret Of The Lake 3147/6 10 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Haunting East European folk lament with plaintive flute & violin melody over traditional instruments & low strings
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Miller's Tale 3147/3 9 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Sprightly traditional folk waltz with squeezebox, fiddles & percussion
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Woodcutter's Tavern 3147/1 11 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Lively traditional Celtic folk jig with fiddle, whistle, accordion & percussion
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Sceptered Isle 3132/1 8 mixes James Brett
Beautiful yet mournful solo violin with shimmering strings & harp. Reflective & nostalgic
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