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Vesta Tilley 3351/7 11 mixes Jessica Dannheisser
Lively, quirky orchestra with piano, jaunty solos, intricate woodwind & tuned percussion
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Martinis And Monocles 3326/4 8 mixes Jody Jenkins
Cheeky swing-time number with pizzicato strings, woodwinds, percussion & brushed drums groove
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Smokey's Joint 3323/2 20 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Mysterious muted trumpet, saxophone, piano & vibes over a ska influenced groove. Seductive, Latin feel
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Back Door 3259/4 12 mixes Bruce Aronson
Jazzy ensemble with stealthy vibes, upright bass & mysterious strings over brushed drums. Espionage meets rom-com
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Feel Better 3200/7 11 mixes Paul Ressel | Christopher Baron
Gentle, wistful vibes, guitar, synth & glock with smooth brush percussion
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Washboard Wonder 3160/3 8 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Urgent, slightly wonky skiffle band with trombone, washboard, vibes & eerie Theremin weaving in & out
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In The Pink 3158/2 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Hypnotic celeste patterns with curious woodwind & stealthy pizzicato strings
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Tittle Tattle 3090/3 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
Whimsical oompah brass waltz with mysterious woodwind & tuned percussion
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Amori 3061/5 14 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Sneaky guitar, mallets & strings with quirky tango & fantasy sections
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Blame It On The Last Guy 3061/8 12 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Scheming vibraphone, double bass & chamber strings with Latin percussion
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Caviar 3061/6 10 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Cunning pizzicato strings, mallets & nylon guitar with Latin percussion
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Little And Sweet 3061/1 14 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Sneaky vibes & guitar over lighty tense strings & percussive Latin groove
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Sneaker Shock 3061/4 10 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Devious mystery & suspense with strings, vibraphone & Latin percussion
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Temptation Nation 3061/3 11 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Fast-moving & tense strings & vibraphone over Latin percussion
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Jazzy Jazz 3059/7 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Jazzy, uptempo hip-hop with upright bass groove, vibraphone & trumpet
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Stealthy Living 3013/5 12 mixes David Kelly | Paul Michael Harris
Shady piano with walking bass, brushes & spooky whistled bridge
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No Dramas 3013/6 17 mixes David Kelly | Paul Michael Harris
Jaunty sax & vibes with cheeky Hammond stabs over jazz bass & brushes
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Strutting Edge 3013/7 12 mixes David Kelly | Paul Michael Harris
Witty exchange between piano & vibes over busy brushes & languid bass
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Leap 3000/2 18 mixes Evelyn Glennie | Michael Levine
Quirky percussion, pizz & drums build with driving strings & catchy mallets
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Considering The Facts 2987/3 9 mixes Paul Mottram
Thoughtful upright bass riff underpins vibes & piano interjections
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Probing Brief 2987/2 12 mixes Paul Mottram
Incisive minimalist piano with building rhythm section
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People Watching 2987/7 13 mixes Paul Mottram
Lively but initially hesitant Latin groove with comic overtones
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Moody Blue 2987/4 12 mixes Paul Mottram
Moody upright bass & brush kit with laid back vibes & piano
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Bad Vibes 2977/1 8 mixes Paul Mottram
Lugubrious tuba with mysterious vibraphone melody & rhythmic elements
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Silvia's Spy Theme 2964/10 12 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Super-slow, cinematic spy mood with smoky strings, guitar, Theremin & vibes
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