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Working For Santa Claus 3591/1 21 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Hugely fun big band romp about Santa's elves with male crooner vocals & swinging brass section
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The Holidays Are A Precious Time 3591/6 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Creamy & intimate big band ballad with warm female vocal & sumptuously smooth strings over a laid-back groove
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When Snowflakes Fall 3591/5 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Vintage 40s-style seasonal show tune with close harmony male/female vocals over a sprightly big band accompaniment
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The Very Best Day This Year 3591/3 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Warm & festive Christmas waltz with nostalgic crooner male vocals, bright brass, beautiful strings, winds & upbeat swinging groove
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Adeste Fideles 3590/5 15 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Bolero version of 'O Come All Ye Faithful' with Spanish female chorus, piano, Latin percussion & solo trumpet
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El Hijo De Maria 3590/1 10 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Slow Mexican banda version of 'Greensleeves' with Spanish vocals, lilting 6/8 percussion groove & brass section
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Gloria Al Senor 3590/3 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Colombian cumbia version of 'Joy To The World' with Spanish vocals, accordion, guitars & percussion
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Llego La Navidad 3590/6 15 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Warm & uplifting cumbia song with accordion, driving percussion & Spanish vocals about Christmas being here
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Parranda Puerto Rico 3590/2 11 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Caribbean Christmas song with piano montuno rhythm, acoustic guitar, brass, Latin percussion & uplifting female vocals
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Ya Llego La Navidad 3590/4 15 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Jubilant Latin cumbia version of 'Deck The Halls' with 'oompah' bass & drum groove, accordion & Spanish male/female vocals
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Go Go Drive 3588/1 11 mixes Christopher Lewis | Isabella Marie Hill | Jamie Elder
Anthemic new wave pop song with 80s synths, shimmering guitar riffs & optimistic female vocals over a driving bass & drums groove
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Say Yeah Yeah 3588/2 11 mixes Christopher Lewis | Isabella Marie Hill | Jamie Elder
Driving pop rock song with late 90s influence. Features female vocals, guitars, light synths & pounding drums
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Only Love 3588/3 12 mixes John Winston | Jamie Elder
Attitude-laced grungy garage rock with punchy female vocals, distorted bass & wailing, electrifying guitar
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Wasted 3588/4 12 mixes John Winston | Jamie Elder
Raw & heavy grunge with understated male & female vocals, dirty guitar riffs & powerful drums
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Dirty Little Secret 3588/5 12 mixes Spencer Wilson | Jamie Elder | Lily Bell
Upbeat indie rock anthem with driving electric guitars, punchy drums & rebellious female vocals
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All I Want To Do 3588/6 11 mixes Elijah Hudson | Jamie Elder | Catherine Aiyumi Humphris
Moody alt rock song with 90s vibes. Features distorted guitars, sorrowful female vocals & hard-hitting drums
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I'll Be Strong 3586/2 12 mixes Amy West | Ethan Kaufmann
Anthemic & empowering female-led electro pop ballad with quirky synths & mid-tempo drum groove
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Baker's Walk 3581/1 10 mixes James Taylor
Soulful, mid-tempo strut with wailing sax solo, Hammond organ & guitar over a funky bass & drum groove
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Grey And Green 3581/2 11 mixes James Taylor
Smooth & uplifting jazz funk groove with Hammond/sax call & response over muted wah guitar, bass & drums
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Mauve On Pink 3581/4 10 mixes James Taylor
Cool fusion jazz with slinky upright bass, saxophone & Hammond organ over a smooth rhythm section
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More Hustle Less Bustle 3581/5 13 mixes James Taylor
Furiously fast jazz funk with energetic Hammond organ riffs & sax over rapid bass & drum groove. Full of hits, stops & glisses
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Paris Blue 3581/6 10 mixes James Taylor
60s-influenced soul pop groove with Hammond organ & bluesy guitar over a driving bass & drum groove
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Sun's In My Eyes 3581/7 10 mixes James Taylor
Mellow summer funk groove with swirling Hammond organ, 70s disco guitar, bass & drums. Smooth sax solo at 2:50
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To Hear Is To Obey 3581/8 12 mixes James Taylor
Mid-tempo 70s blues funk with Hammond organ, guitar & jazzy saxophone over groovy bass & drums
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Tough Ball 3581/9 11 mixes James Taylor
Cool stomping groove with Hammond organ & interweaving saxophone over laid-back bass, funky guitar & drums
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