Tom Rosenthal

Crafting music for Film, TV & Advertising

London songwriter and composer of gentle, enchanting ballads

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The story behind the sound

London songwriter and composer Tom Rosenthal has released four albums, four EPs, and, by his own definition, one underrated Christmas single. Tom honed his craft and gained major attention early in his career through internet releases, seeing Spotify streams reach fifty-five million. Additionally, his idiosyncratic approach to video-making has garnered him over twenty million YouTube viewings. Tom’s debut album, released in 2011, earned praise from BBC Radio 2 as “the best album by a British male artist this year.” He bolsters his fanbase through direct connections, but it’s his music that hooks them and keeps them coming back for more. Gentle and enchanting, his ballads evoke a feeling of much-needed comfort and serenity.

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