Bobbie L Stamper

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Sydney duo Racing Birds blend alt-country, rock ‘n’ roll and bohemian blues.

The story behind the sound

Blending alt-country, rock ‘n’ roll and bohemian blues, Sydney duo Racing Birds evoke the sights and sounds of a late-night drive through Southern California in 1969. The band is composed of Bobbie Lee Stamper and Jeremy Strother, two experienced musicians and songwriters who have toured, recorded and performed with many noted artists across the US and Australia. Produced and recorded by guitarist Bobbie, Racing Birds’ music has a raw, captivating edge, accentuated by Jeremy’s passionate and honest vocals.

Blending Alt-Country, Rock & Roll and Bohemian Blues, musicians and songwriters Jeremy Strother and Bobbie Lee Stamper’s storytelling music has a raw edge, combined with passionate, honest vocals.
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