Bespoke Services

Found the perfect track, but could do without the two minute didgeridoo solo, or prefer to create something from scratch?

Our Bespoke Services cover everything from stems, minor adjustments to entire albums and scores.

Track amendments

If you need that little bit more control over an existing track, we can provide stem packages or extra mixes upon request.

This can range from muting instruments, re-recording vocals or changing outros.

Please contact us for a quote and information on the possibility of amendments by sending us details of your production, the track name and requirements to

Specially composed

If you’re looking to add that unique feel to your production, we can partner you with one of our 750+ composers to provide you with bespoke music, tailored to suit your needs.

With experience in writing for ad campaigns to entire TV series, and access to recording studios like Abbey Road and Air, no job is too big or too small.

For more information or a quote, please send us details of your production, musical requirements and deadline to



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