Our Licences Explained

How to choose the right licence
for the project you're working on

Our online licences are priced per track, for use in a single video or production:


Perfect for individual creators making videos for personal, editorial, and educational use

  • Personal videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • Videos of life events, such as weddings, graduations and celebrations
  • Editorial productions
  • Student productions or projects


  • You’re making a video of your graduation and want to share it on YouTube and Facebook
  • You’re a journalist making editorial content for your website
  • You’re studying film and need music for a course project or film
  • You need a track for a video on your blog or personal website

All the benefits of our Creator licence plus the ability to monetise your YouTube content.

  • Allows you to monetise your YouTube content via AdSense
  • Stops unwanted advertising showing on your YouTube videos (ads may still apply if you use other 3rd-party copyrighted materials)


  • You don’t want to get a takedown notice for the music you use in your YouTube videos - Find out more
  • You don't want adverts appearing on your YouTube videos
  • You want to start generating revenue from your YouTube videos via AdSense
  • You want to sell your video or podcast on iTunes

For more on YouTube Monetisation, see our FAQs.


Recommended for editors creating videos to promote a product, service, or brand. Includes entry-level social media advertising.

  • Business, brand or charity films - such as corporate films, explainers, ‘how-to’ or testimonial videos for websites or events, hosted on any platform. Allows you to block unwanted advertising against the videos on your YouTube channel
  • Allows entry-level advertising on social media only (e.g. sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or Snap ads), where media spend is up to £2000 per video*


  • You're a freelance video editor making a video to promote a client’s business*
  • You make videos for your business, such as tutorials and product videos, that you upload to YouTube and want to make sure that Adsense ads from other companies don't appear on them
  • You're an agency working on video projects for your clients*
  • You're a business owner making videos to promote your company's products on your website and/or YouTube channel or Facebook page.*

*Are you using media spend to promote this video content?

If so, remember this is limited to ads on social media (does not include YouTube ads) and to 2000 (in local currency, such as £/$/€) of media spend per video ad. Examples are sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or Snap ads.

If you are working on a project/campaign where you intend to spend more or place ads on online platforms other than social media, please see Digital Advertising below or contact us to discuss your project.


Suitable for a single entertainment production made for TV, radio or straight-to-DVD film. Does not include commercial usage. For any TV advertising, please contact us.

  • A single TV production
  • A single Radio production
  • A single use in a straight-to-DVD film


  • You're a music supervisor making a television documentary
  • You're a radio producer creating a radio drama

Perfect for single use in an ad on YouTube or a publisher platform, or on social media, with unlimited media spend.

  • A single use in a YouTube pre-roll ad
  • A single use in an ad running on a publisher platform (e.g. on BuzzFeed’s website)
  • A single use in a social media ad (e.g. Facebook sponsored post), with unlimited media spend


  • You are an advertising agency making YouTube pre-roll ads
  • You are an advertising agency creating video ads running on publisher websites (e.g. the Guardian, the Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, etc.)
  • You are an agency or an internal marketing team creating sponsored posts on social media with any media spend.

Looking for a licence to cover other platforms or a campaign? We have a range of licences for all platforms (inc. TV, cinema, radio, etc.) and a range and creative services available for advertisers and agencies. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your project.


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