Downloading your order

Once you have made your purchase and your payment has been accepted, you can log into your online account to download your sound files by following these steps:

  • Click on the view box to the right of my orders.
  • You are then presented with a summary of all your orders.
  • Click on the view arrow on the right of the order you wish to display.
  • You will then see your complete order track by track, and an option to download an mp3 or wav file for music tracks, or mp3/aiff file for sound effects.
  • You can then choose either to download tracks individually by clicking on the wav/mp3 icon or all together.

To download an individual file click on the mp3 or wav/aiff icon, and select ‘save’ to specify a location (eg Desktop) to download the file. Choose ‘open’ to save the file to your temporary internet folder and play it with your computer’s media player.

Downloading several files at a time

To download all or several files at a time check the boxes on the relevant tracks and then click on ‘download selected files as zip’ at the bottom of the list. There are select all/deselect all mp3 and select all/deselect all wav buttons at the bottom to help.

WAV files are quite large – typically 30-40mb each – and so it’s not ideal to zip more than three or four of these together at a time. Most broadband connections seem to have an undefined download limit, and in our experience attempting to download more than 100mb of data in one go will just result in a blank screen.

Downloading AIFF files to Macs

 Occasionally when downloading aiff files to a Mac, the machine doesn’t recognize the file type and assumes it’s an Illustrator picture file and gives it the file extension .ai, which your music software won’t recognize. If this happens, simply rename the file extension to aiff and the machine will then recognize the sound file.

Can I only download the sound file once?

No, once you’ve paid for a sound file it stays in your account permanently and you can download as many times as you need.

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