24 May 2021

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9 pockets

The Maiden Heist

9 Pockets - producer, writer and engineer duo Joseph Arnold and Tom Leach - have worked with Lewis Capaldi, Jake Bug and Years & Years. This album crafts dark, cinematic indie rock with intense male vocals and expansive piano and guitar-led riffs.

Protect The Light Sunna Wehrmeijer

Protect The Light

Composer/vocalist Sunna Wehrmeijer’s heartwarming orchestral themes feature woodwind, strings and brass and build to stirring finales.

Rock Rhapsody

Rock Rhapsody

Sonic storytellers Barrie Gledden and Kes Loy’s heavy metal renditions of powerful, dramatic classics include epic reimaginings of pieces by Wagner, Beethoven and Bach.

What Makes A Champion

What Makes A Champion

Tristan Ivemy’s rousing rock inspires full tilt excitement and high action sports with driving, pounding drum rhythms, powerful guitar riffs and rousing group chants.



Tristan Francois De Liege and Benjamin Hill take listeners on a sonic global tour with assorted world music-inspired instrumental pieces, from traditional Japanese folk to Afro/house fusion and Latin grooves.

Good Man Down Kong.

Good Man Down

Up-tempo indie rock by KONG. (Justin David Joyce) and Benjamin Epand, featuring heavy bass, catchy brass hooks and soulful male vocals.

It's Time To Party

Pete Masitti and Joshua Spracht create upbeat, catchy dance-party pop, with bubblegum female vocals and cheerful, whistled hooks.



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