21 Sep 2020

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audio network mark petrie augment the future

Augment The Future

Dramatic, brooding hybrid orchestral with pulsing synths, thunderous drums, driving strings and plenty of massive climaxes.


force of the taiko audio network new music

Force Of The Taiko

Powerful, frenetic taiko drumming, accompanied by loud vocal shouts and chants, bells and traditional shakuhachi (flutes). 

 audio network new music release delaware


Atmospheric trip hop and sumptuous chill out with female & male vocals, ambient piano, laid-back beats, synth loops and luscious strings.

in form new music audio network

In Form

A spellbinding collection of tracks from NYC based singer songwriter Keren, all wrapped in a unique and hypnotic production approach which supports her incredible vocals.

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Feel The Love

Uplifting, exuberant pop funk songs with soulful male vocals, catchy horns, big beats and driving grooves give way to more stripped-back R&B/pop showcasing funky bass and smooth keys.

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mark petrie maximum impact hybrid orchestral album
constellations george georgia
bedtime stories stefano civetta
a problem shared lady sanity cuzn fred
delicate emotions audio network new album

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