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Shake Things Up 3663/3 9 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Up-tempo optimistic indie rock with uplifting lead guitar, sequenced synths, driving bass & drums
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Eat My Dust 3634/1 8 mixes Gareth Johnson
Driving desert rock with scuzzy riffs, crazed lead guitar breaks & psychedelic organ over a solid rhythm section
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Big Block 3608/1 13 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Straight ahead, classic 1970s US freeway rock with powerful riffs, searing lead guitar & driving drums
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Motor City 3608/2 10 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Feel-good driving 1970s classic hard rock
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Road To The Top 3608/3 10 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Head nodding, classic driving 1970s US hard rock
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Blue Collar 3608/4 9 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Powerful mid-tempo classic rock groove with big riffs, scorching lead guitar & pounding drums
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Valve Train 3608/7 9 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Badass Texas blues rock shuffle
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We Go As One 3547/3 10 mixes Chris Blackwell
Heavyweight riff driven guitar rock with catchy hooks. Starts quietly & builds to raucous climax
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Hit The Highway 3529/6 12 mixes James Andrew Grant
Rousing up-tempo indie rock with uplifting guitar & piano lines over driving rhythm section
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No Curfew 3529/3 13 mixes James Andrew Grant
Upbeat energetic indie rock with powerful guitars over driving bass & drums
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Adrenalizer 3516/5 10 mixes Tristan Ivemy
Dirty, raw & aggressive rock riffs with driving heavyweight drums
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Just Getting Started 3516/7 11 mixes Tristan Ivemy
Powerful indie rock song with assertive male vocal & "I am number one" group chant chorus
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Life In The Fast Lane 3516/11 8 mixes Tristan Ivemy
Thrilling action rock with the hammer down. Dynamic blues riffs, exciting synth rises & powerful driving drums
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This Is The Main Event 3516/1 8 mixes Tristan Ivemy
Forceful mid-tempo stomp clap rock with male vocal & catchy ''this is the main event'' chorus hook
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Red Silver 3476/2 12 mixes Julian Emery
Exciting, up-tempo indie rock with distorted guitar riffs, retro organ, catchy vocal chants & driving drums
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Go Getter 3476/7 12 mixes Julian Emery
Positive driving indie pop rock with hooky synth riffs, trashy guitars, vocal chants & upbeat punky attitude
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Dreams And Prayers 3420/1 14 mixes Jody Jenkins
Broad, epic orchestral score with dramatic percussion, heavenly choral exultations & choir boy solos
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Lords Of Grace 3420/4 14 mixes Jody Jenkins
Uplifting orchestral & choral theme arises from gentle horn call, accompanied by explosive drums. Ends on a sombre note
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Grease Junkie 3331/4 11 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Pounding Southern blues rock stomp. Gritty & aggressive
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Birthday Party 3293/1 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Powerful hip hop beats with catchy filtered sax hook, piano stabs, vocal shouts & big beats
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Kings And Queens 3293/9 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Dark hip hop beats with epic anthemic chorus, trap drums, piano, claps, driving synths & heavy beats
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Moving Up 3293/7 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Hard hitting hip hop beats with driving synths, 80s synth melodies, drums, big bass & vocal shouts
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Show Me How 3293/8 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Laid back light hip hop beats with melodic R&B style synths, trap drums & clicks
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Know No Fear 3293/3 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Mid-tempo dark hip hop beats with enticing synth arp & pulsing brass
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