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Logical Conclusion 3370/6 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Thoughtful marimba over a hypnotic sequenced motif builds with light percussion to a logical conclusion
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Crunchtime 3352/3 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Tense, urgent & hypnotic minimalist piano builds with light percussion to a positive outcome
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Seven A Side 3332/5 13 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Exuberant, bustling, minimalistic folk jazz with piano, strings, woodwind & intricate rhythm section
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The Monarch 3280/7 11 mixes Guy Farley
Stately, intense & dramatic orchestral theme
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For The Good Of The People 3255/7 10 mixes Paul Mottram
Stately confident proud orchestra with majestic feel
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State Celebration 3255/1 9 mixes Paul Mottram
Bright & breezy regal orchestra
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Line Of Beauty 3250/5 8 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith | Michael Georgiades
Laid-back acoustic guitar loops slowly layering with analogue synth bass & atmospheric FX
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Texas Ranger 3237/3 18 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley
Mean & moody swampy Southern blues rock shuffle featuring Hammond organ
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Frozen Motion 3209/6 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Matt Parker
Remote expansive soundscape slowly evolves with ambient guitars, emotional strings & beats to an uplifting climax
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Imagine The Spectacular 3149/5 20 mixes Luke Richards
Majestic panoramic orchestra with choir builds from mysterious piano & strings opening
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Look To The Stars 3149/7 19 mixes Luke Richards
Inspirational epic orchestral theme builds slowly with piano, choir & drums from atmospheric opening
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Special Occasion 3093/2 11 mixes Keith Beauvais | Zach Beauvais
Expectant, joyful string orchestra with piano & acoustic guitar
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Bushcraft 3089/8 11 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Driving banjo rhythm with country dobro & acoustic guitar lead
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Domination 3039/6 6 mixes Philip Guyler
Urgent strings build with piano & mallets to a tense climax
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Neutral Investigation 3039/7 6 mixes Philip Guyler
Rhythmic pizz & marimba build with pensive harp & searching piano
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Ursa Minor 3019/4 10 mixes Terry Devine-King
Awe-inspiring orchestra & choir builds from pensive piano-led opening
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Man Against Nature 3017/8 7 mixes Tim Garland
Cold & barren string landscape with tense harmonics
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In Bloom 2921/2 14 mixes George Georgia
Chilled electro with blissful pads, vocal swells, harp glisses & light beat
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Summertime Vibes 2921/7 14 mixes George Georgia
Optimistic house with swelling pads, quirky topline & dancefloor beat
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Silver Sunrays 2921/3 14 mixes George Georgia
Electro hip hop with chilled e-piano, light beat & vocal swells
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News Feed 2908/1 11 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Richard Rayner
Clean synth & marimba build with glitch & beats into news/docu/tech theme
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Soft Machine 2908/2 11 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Richard Rayner
Emotive marimba morphs with vocal pad into electronic theme
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Hidden Past 2905/2 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
Reflective piano with pizz strings, woodwind & light percussion. Builds
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For Our Time 2905/7 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Scenic, joyful piano & orchestra waltz with a nostalgic Gaelic lilt
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Spring Choir 2881/8 12 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Upbeat pop with muted guitars, airy piano, percussive beat & vocal pads
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