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As You Were 3748/3 8 mixes Kes Loy
Positive, uplifting multi-layered acoustic & electric guitars build with driving drums to an inspiring climax
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Never Forgotten 3748/4 8 mixes Kes Loy
Warm multi-layered guitars over ambient pads build with piano & drums to an uplifting ending
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Open For Business 3748/1 8 mixes Kes Loy
Bright folk pop with funky afrobeat guitars, strummed acoustics & hand claps
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Goodbye Today Hello Tomorrow 3747/1 12 mixes Collin Desha
Up-tempo synth rock with driving drums, sustained driven chords, catchy synth lines & lead male vocals
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New Season 3744/6 16 mixes Jethro Chaplin | Raithe Laurence | Harry George Keyworth
Uplifting strings with soaring vocal texture, funky wah guitar & keys over a driving groove. Summery with Latin overtones
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Kitchen Sink 3739/2 9 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Swinging mid-tempo 1960s party rock with groovy Hammond & rocking guitars
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Groove Tape 3731/2 20 mixes Paddy Conn
Feel good dream pop with shimmering guitars, vocal textures, drums, bass, organ & synth
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World In Our Hands 3731/6 16 mixes Paddy Conn
Uplifting indie pop with anthemic chorus, distorted electric guitar, bass, drums & optimistic male lead & chanting backing vocals
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Warped Wax 3729/5 11 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Smooth hip hop with uplifting string melody, synths, vocal samples & fast paced drums
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Dust In The Groove 3729/7 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Energetic hip hop with synth bass, sweeping orchestral strings & hard hitting drums
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Knuckle Rap 3728/1 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Dancey mid-tempo 1960s Detroit soul rhythm section groove with funky guitar licks
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Wonton Soup 3720/2 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Up-tempo hip hop with layered bell synth stabs, melodic percussive vocal loop & hard hitting drums
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Worldwind 3720/7 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Uplifting, melodic trap with hard 808 drums, percussion, claps, arpeggiated synth chord stabs & synth chord layers
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Star Wars 3720/9 12 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Forward moving hip hop with layered vocal textures, bass, bouncy beats & positive plucked textures
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Lite Up 3720/10 11 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Upbeat hip hop with female vocal shout, moving bass, warm synth chords, FX stabs & heavy hitting drums
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Tips 3720/4 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Energetic, choppy hip hop with wobbly synth melody loop, 808s & trap drums
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Still We Rise 3719/3 9 mixes Gareth Johnson | Chris Egan
Epic orchestral hip hop crossover with sampled live strings, blistering beats, sub bass, classic keys & soaring synths
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Positive Mental Attitude 3719/1 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Forward moving classic hip hop with punchy breaks, clav stabs, Rhodes, cow bell, live bass & quirky melodic hooks
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Easy Breezy 3719/10 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Classic hip hop with punchy breaks, sparse keys, quirky synths & positive melodic hooks
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Ahoy 3717/2 10 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Steady trap with bouncy synths, bright synth topline & trap drums
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Sunday Funday 3717/1 9 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Feel good hip hop with melodic synth bell hook, electric piano chords, synth horns, light guitar & trap drums
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Ferris Wheel 3717/3 10 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Uplifting trap with quirky, carefree synth melodies, synth horn stabs, bass & steady trap drums
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Golden Hue 3717/4 8 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Happy, feel good trap with plucky piano, vocal sample, synth melody, 808s, trap drums & mallet hits
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Get Me Going 3717/5 10 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Positive trap with fun synth trumpet line, quirky synths, trap beats, 808s & plucky guitar
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Yung Nostalgia 3717/7 8 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Quirky trap with synth stabs, repeating synth mallet melody, heavy 808 & rolling beats
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