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The Lono Stroll 3761/1 8 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Guy Speakman
Meandering experimental, chilled electronica with jazzy Hammond, vibes & cool drum groove
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Elected Secrets 3761/2 9 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Guy Speakman
Quirky, experimental jazz groove with driving drum groove, screaming synths, vocal samples & cool organ chords
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Ragel 3761/3 11 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Guy Speakman
Harmonically rising synth focused experimental electronica, with a bach style coral in the middle played on cello & organ
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Sweat Patch 3761/4 6 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Guy Speakman
Experimental disco groove with four to the floor beat, synths, funky bass, organ stabs & quirky vocal samples
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Everybody's Tellin' Me 3761/6 16 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Marcus Dawes | Guy Speakman
Quirky jazz jam with hip hop style rapped vocal, drum kit, bass guitar, synths, electronic piano, Hammond organ & saxophone
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Albran 3761/8 7 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Guy Speakman
Experimental electronic funk with pad synths, synth fx, piano, groovy bass guitar, drum kit & Hammond organ
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Switchfoot 3759/1 14 mixes Raithe Laurence
Driving Latin-influenced percussion groove under guitars & kalimbas builds with moody strings. Cool & enigmatic
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Bee Behaviour 3759/2 14 mixes Raithe Laurence
Big saturated synth with hypnotic grooving percussion & moody building strings
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Full Disclosure 3759/5 13 mixes Raithe Laurence
Driving funky UK garage with elastic bass, big synth chords & played vocal chops
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When Wrong Is Right 3733/6 11 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz
Chilled out jazzy hip hop with soulful male vocal, R&B drums groove, bass, piano, synths & percussion
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Pure Love 3726/2 11 mixes George Nakas | Per Ljungqvist | Claudia Marzec | Amanda Leigh Wilson
Empowering pop EDM with disco inspired synths, piano, bass, drums & energetic female vocal
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Feels So Right 3726/3 11 mixes George Nakas | Per Ljungqvist | Jessica Matthews
Reflective EDM with powerful female vocal, backing vocals, driving drums, big synths & bass
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We Believe 3726/4 12 mixes George Nakas | Per Ljungqvist | Sara Gunnarsson
Uplifting house with euphoric female vocal, tribal dance drums, bass & soaring synths
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Need Of U 3726/5 14 mixes George Nakas | Per Ljungqvist | Sara Gunnarsson
Energetic club anthem with trance style synths, four to the floor drums, bass & euphoric female vocal
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Feels I'm Coming Home 3726/6 11 mixes George Nakas | Per Ljungqvist | Sara Gunnarsson
Spanish influenced EDM with Spanish guitar, piano, synths, bass, pumping drums & female vocal
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Carnival Of Love 3726/1 12 mixes George Nakas | Per Ljungqvist | Sara Gunnarsson | Christopher Waldekrantz
Upbeat EDM with four to the floor kick, energetic synths, piano stabs, bass & empowering vocals
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My Desire 3726/7 12 mixes George Nakas | Per Ljungqvist | Sara Petterson | Jessica Matthews
Throwback 90s electronic dance song with sensual female vocal, piano, four to the floor drums, atmospheric synth drops & bass
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Project Faze 3722/4 11 mixes Dylan Rogers
Powerful trap anthem with growling brass section, punchy 808 sub bass & sampled crowd shouts
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Wonton Soup 3720/2 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Up-tempo hip hop with layered bell synth stabs, melodic percussive vocal loop & hard hitting drums
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Lite Up 3720/10 11 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Upbeat hip hop with female vocal shout, moving bass, warm synth chords, FX stabs & heavy hitting drums
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Sunday Funday 3717/1 9 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Feel good hip hop with melodic synth bell hook, electric piano chords, synth horns, light guitar & trap drums
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Start Me Up 3717/6 9 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Tense trap with dark synth plucks, clicks, eerie vocal textures, deep 808s & hard drums
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Born Hustler 3716/3 11 mixes Jamie Ale Mckenzie | Ethan James Galloway
Aggressive trap with crisp hi hats, 808 synth bass, big trap drums, vocal sample & dirty South synths
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Who Am I 3709/9 12 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
Powerful hip hop with vocal samples, driving trap drums & melodic synths
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Backflip 3708/9 13 mixes Cody Page
Quirky, mid-tempo, tropical party beat with kalimba, 808 bass & drums, trap hi-hats, horn stabs, tabla, watery FX & dreamy, descending electric piano
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