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Bank Job 1934/1 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Lincoln Grounds | Steve Dymond
Gritty up-tempo late '60s street funk with Hammond melody & a dirty groove
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Honky Tonk Parade 1921/4 6 mixes Ray Davies
Cheeky big band romp with a 1960/70s comedy & sports theme flavour
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Jazz Hands 1921/2 5 mixes Tim Garland
Mid tempo, upbeat big band swing with saucy showbiz swagger
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Peachy 1889/5 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Super cool groove with funky brass, jazzy piano & cheeky percussion
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Union Jack 1785/3 7 mixes Bob Bradley | Tim Garland
Classy jazz chat show theme with funky breaks & slick brass
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Butternut Squash 1749/12 5 mixes Terry Devine-King | Steve Levine
Mid tempo 1960s soul groove with organ melody
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Butternut Squash Jam 1749/7 5 mixes Terry Devine-King | Steve Levine
Up-tempo sixties soul groove with organ melody & mischievous raffishness
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Casino 1745/6 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Slick groove with super cool sleazy brass, jazzy piano licks & funky guitars
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Don't Fall 1745/2 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Kinky laid back rhythm & blues groove with sexy horns & smokin' piano
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Hipster 1745/4 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Cool breakbeat & bass with smokin' brass, jazzy keys & hip hop touches
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In The Hood 1745/5 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Kinky acoustic funk band with double bass, sexy keys, whistling & hot brass
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Lingo 1745/3 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Sleazy funk groove with smoking brass & sexy, jazzy piano
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Bradys Revenge 1712/2 9 mixes Chris Egan
Ultra cool funky groove with horns & a retro feel
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Brass Tacks 1647/3 8 mixes Neil Williams | Gerard Presencer
Jazz pop groove with strident trumpet section & grooving beats
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Schools Out 1637/3 8 mixes Christopher Ashmore | Benjamin Marks
Strident, funky old school soul groove with brass, piano & clavinet
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Pimento 1629/10 8 mixes Mat Andasun
Exhilarating "Mozambique" salsa with complex brass & percussion
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Check It Out 1619/7 8 mixes Bob Bradley
Funky big beat with cool horns, double bass, retro piano & cool blowing sax
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Down and Dirty 1609/7 7 mixes Christopher Ashmore
Dirty blues boogie piano with upright bass & handclaps
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Pampaloma Pursuit 1564/8 7 mixes Ray Davies
Show band tune with rasping brass, whistles, galloping drums & marimba
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Starburst 1536/4 10 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Imposing orchestral build. Rumbling timps & drone into mighty brass reveal
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Calor de Cuba 1515/2 10 mixes Tim Devine | Jorge Luis Sosa
Lively Timba style Salsa with all star Cuban big band. Trumpet & guitar solos
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Magic Shine 1488/12 10 mixes Tim Devine
Sassy & brassy strolling groove with horn & sax melodies. Glitz-tastic
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Show Me The Money 1488/5 13 mixes Tim Devine
Funky 1970s Latin pop with brass & featured guitar solos. Bright & catchy
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And The Winner Is 1486/24 1 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock
Bright introductory presentation sting
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Spick and Span 1469/5 15 mixes Paul Mottram
Brisk snappy piano with bass, swing jazz brush drums & finger clicks
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