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Russian Winter 3365/4 7 mixes Karen Street
Slow, affecting Russian folk lament on solo accordion
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Doreen Lawrence 3351/2 10 mixes Jessica Dannheisser
Stately orchestra with measured piano arpeggios & noble muted trumpet solo
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Vera Brittain 3351/6 10 mixes Jessica Dannheisser
Gentle & poignant chordal orchestra with harp & piano melody
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Nimrod 3291/4 16 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Stirring, patriotic orchestral anthem. Powerful ending. From Enigma Variations performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
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Lost Atlantis 3267/4 5 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Slow, mournful orchestra with dark sections
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An Ode To History 3253/7 4 mixes Jody Jenkins
An emotional & hymn-like adagio for strings with horns & harp
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Conflict Of Heroes 3247/2 18 mixes Terry Devine-King
Desolate, reflective orchestral strings & brass with military snare drum
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The Father 3241/8 8 mixes Michael Levine
Calm, mysterious orchestral swells build in darkness & intensity to a reflective conclusion
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Less 3241/5 8 mixes Michael Levine
Slow, melancholy & expansive orchestral theme
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Opium Lullaby 3231/7 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Slow & hypnotic vocal textures with gently swelling strings & emotive solo violin
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Into The Sea 3231/4 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Serene choral landscape with sorrowful female vocal over emotive strings
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Candlelight Hymn 3231/2 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Slow, pensive vocal & solemn piano build with emotive strings & choral accompaniment
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Rest 3231/5 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Warm choral chords rise & fall with emotive orchestral accompaniment
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Luminescence 3228/1 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Christopher Wonfor
Thoughtful & emotional piano & delicate strings evolve with warm & lush ambiance
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Finding The Bodies 3214/5 11 mixes Luke Richards
Sparse cello harmonics leading into deep & suspenseful strings & piano
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The Invisible Few 3214/7 5 mixes Luke Richards
Emotional, muted strings convey loss & redemption
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Military Games 3213/3 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Steve Dymond
Poignant strings with modern rhythmic textures, synths & insistent military snares. Builds with guitars & brass
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Centaur Unleashed 3208/5 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Reflective horn & stirring strings build to an epic orchestral remix with powerful choir & driving electro elements
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A Tragic Pentameter 3188/2 12 mixes Joe Kraemer
Slow, sorrowful orchestra & celeste with emotional build
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Ase's Lament 3184/3 9 mixes Grieg Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Solemn, sad, slow orchestral lament from the Peer Gynt Suite (1876)
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Echoes Of Loss 3139/7 2 mixes John Ashton Thomas | Mark Lockheart | Roger Sayer
Plaintive, reverberant soprano saxophone above a gentle & poignant church organ bed
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Orion's Return 3057/6 12 mixes Cliff Masterson
Awe-inspiring orchestra builds to stirring theme with soaring soprano
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Star Spangled Banner 3052/3 6 mixes Arr. Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Poignant acoustic guitar arrangement of the US national anthem
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Loss 3046/5 15 mixes Bryce Jacobs
Emotional muted piano over ambient synth bed, builds with strings
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Fanfare For The Fallen 2965/7 9 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Ceremonial military fanfare for trumpets & snare with cavernous reverb
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