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Forward Time 3766/1 8 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Tense cinematic orchestral action adventure with galloping string ostinato & heroic brass builds to triumphant finale
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Rip Tide 3766/2 6 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Epic orchestral build. Mechanical driving rhythm constantly increases in tension & volume to a powerful brass ending
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The World At Large 3766/8 6 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Grandiose orchestral with noble brass opening & graceful strings middle section builds to triumphant ending
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The Fun Gallop 3766/3 6 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Exuberant, sweeping orchestral theme gallops to a strong ending
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Superheroes To The End 3766/6 8 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Insistent, driving rhythmic strings with soaring heroic brass theme. Builds throughout to rousing ending
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Vista Joyous 3766/4 6 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Joyful vintage cinematic orchestral theme with graceful strings & uplifting brass
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Isle Of Fidra 3760/5 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Enchanting, nostalgic Celtic theme with traditional folk instruments, orchestra & atmospheric female vocal texture
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Ailsa's Air 3760/6 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Wistful, romantic Irish air with traditional Celtic folk instruments & orchestra
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The Runes Of Drombeg 3760/7 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Sprightly, magical Celtic whistles & folk ensemble build with orchestra & tap dancers to an exuberant climax
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Grand Renewal 3746/1 26 mixes Mark Petrie
Positive, driving strings & piano build with synths, noble brass & steady percussion to inspirational finale
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By Helping Others 3746/3 26 mixes Mark Petrie
Warm fast paced strings, synths & piano build with bright melodies, building percussion & brass to triumphant ending then alt smaller ending
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Meaningful Change 3746/5 26 mixes Mark Petrie
Optimistic sweeping strings, synths & piano build with propulsive percussion, chimes & brass to celebratory climax
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Active Optimism 3746/7 23 mixes Mark Petrie | Andrew Prahlow
Uplifting & warm synths, strings & melodic piano build slowly with gentle brass & big percussion to elated, triumphant ending
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Freedom To Achieve 3746/2 28 mixes Mark Petrie | Andrew Prahlow
Optimistic, forward moving synths, piano & strings build gently with massive percussion, guitar, vocals & brass to explosive climax
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A Course In Miracles 3746/4 27 mixes Mark Petrie | Andrew Prahlow
Hopeful piano & driving strings build with steady percussion, synths & huge brass to euphoric hybrid orchestral climax
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You Can Do This 3746/6 24 mixes Mark Petrie | Andrew Prahlow
Optimistic hybrid orchestra with hopeful piano. Builds with synths, soaring strings, epic percussion, vocal textures & brass to triumphant climax
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A Noble Task 3736/7 12 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Nostalgic strings & piano give way to a rousing, heroic orchestral theme with sound design & big percussion
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Kakadu Dreaming 3727/1 16 mixes Alies Sluiter
Sweeping, dramatic strings with tense battle drums & didgeridoo
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Contingency 3724/1 27 mixes Mark Petrie
Simmering orchestral tension intensifies with massive string & brass swells, piano, synths & powerful percussive hits
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Impasse 3724/4 28 mixes Mark Petrie
Piano, synths & swirling string patterns create a sense of simmering tension. Builds excitement with huge brass swells & percussion
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Irreversible 3724/7 27 mixes Mark Petrie
Pulsing synths & urgent strings create a feeling of time running out. Builds with piano, massive brass & big percussion to epic conclusion
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Vanguard 3724/5 27 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Dark, brooding synths & strings build with massive brass swells & punctuating percussion hits to epic conclusion
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Twist Of Fate 3724/3 25 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Tension & mystery builds to epic, dramatic conclusion with driving synths, soaring strings, huge brass swells, FX & heavy percussive hits
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Ulterior Motive 3724/2 27 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Brooding, pulsating synths & strings build tension with massive brass swells & punctuating percussion to epic conclusion
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Champion Streak 3710/4 20 mixes James Brett
Tense orchestral hybrid with hefty electronic beats, dramatic strings & bold brass. A fight to the finish
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