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Henrika's Imaginary Harpsichord 3248/2 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Romantic French café orchestra waltz featuring accordion & harpsichord. Charming yet slightly dark
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Nearly Ten Years 3245/2 8 mixes Hardress Lloyd
Warm, romantic & reflective piano ballad with rich string counter melodies, piano & male vocal
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Song For Grace 3245/4 7 mixes Hardress Lloyd
Poignant piano ballad with heartbreaking male vocal, haunting trumpet & lush strings
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Less 3241/5 8 mixes Michael Levine
Slow, melancholy & expansive orchestral theme
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Jose Pescado 3239/8 11 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional tango quintet with melancholic violin & bandoneon over a rhythmic piano vamp. Modulates to major key section ending with big tango finale
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Peleona 3239/7 10 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional tango waltz with wistful melody shared between nylon-string guitars & Argentine bandoneon. Also features piano & a small string ensemble
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Fuelle Y Cuerda 3239/6 12 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional & intense tango with bandoneon, passionate string playing & spirited piano
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Impulso Tanguero 3239/5 9 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional dramatic tango with bandoneon, bass, violin, cello & piano. Intense & passionate
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Villa Dolores 3239/4 11 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Jaunty quintet featuring piano, bandoneon & strings perform an upbeat traditional tango with a hint of melancholic spice
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Cajita De Ilusiones 3239/2 14 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Uplifting, playful & almost funny milonga with piano, strings & bandoneon
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Ghost Lines 3238/3 10 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Mystical piano patterns, rhythmic elements, sound design & serene thematic strings. Builds to a positive climax
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Places Through Which We Move 3238/6 13 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Evocative muted strings flow over gentle synth patterns & intimate felted piano. Builds with lo-fi groove & rising theme
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Peaceful Moment 3238/5 9 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Intimate piano opening with developing sound design. Builds with gentle string motion into heartfelt theme
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Little One 3231/3 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Nostalgic piano waltz with emotive solo violin & female vocal textures accompanied by richer string ensemble
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Growth 3228/4 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Christopher Wonfor
Hypnotic piano patterns & hopeful melodies with evolving cinematic strings
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Lifelike 3228/5 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Christopher Wonfor
Poignant piano with lush panoramic strings, subtle textures & distant vocals
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Luminescence 3228/1 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Christopher Wonfor
Thoughtful & emotional piano & delicate strings evolve with warm & lush ambiance
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A Final Sacrifice 3214/4 12 mixes Luke Richards
Sombre & poignant strings with slowly intensifying piano & solo cello
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Warm Embrace 3214/6 11 mixes Luke Richards
Delicate & moving piano leading into stirring string build
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A Promise Kept 3214/1 13 mixes Luke Richards
Easy & inspiring opening strings moving gently with romantic piano theme
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Fateful News 3214/8 8 mixes Luke Richards
Emotional, yet hopeful slow moving muted strings, cello & piano
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Finding The Bodies 3214/5 11 mixes Luke Richards
Sparse cello harmonics leading into deep & suspenseful strings & piano
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The Invisible Few 3214/7 5 mixes Luke Richards
Emotional, muted strings convey loss & redemption
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Riding At Dawn 3214/3 21 mixes Luke Richards
Insistent piano & strings building towards a majestic climax with dancing solo violin
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Secrets Uncovered 3214/2 15 mixes Luke Richards
Haunting & mysterious solo violin opening leading to intimate piano & strings
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