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Remarkable Journey 3597/1 19 mixes Terry Devine-King
Enchanting orchestral fantasy blockbuster with celestial choir builds from magical opening
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World Of Wonder 3597/8 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Majestic, uplifting & magical orchestral adventure with soaring choir
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Dreams Of Flying 3587/6 5 mixes Laura Karpman
Gentle, dreamy & magical cinematic orchestral
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A Future Unknown 3587/8 5 mixes Laura Karpman
Magical, uplifting cinematic orchestral with contemplative moments
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Sitara 3587/2 5 mixes Laura Karpman
Beautiful, flowing cinematic orchestral waltz with busy & playful middle section
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Forever Lost 3587/7 7 mixes Laura Karpman
Forlorn cinematic orchestral. All seems lost
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Walking On Moonbeams 3582/1 16 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Vintage Hollywood-style movie musical love song with carefree male vocal & playful orchestra
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Say You Do 3582/2 16 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Classic movie musical love song with crooning male vocal & swinging studio orchestra
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Let Us Dance 3582/3 15 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Romantic ballad from the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals with debonair male vocal & lush orchestra
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As Life Goes On 3582/4 16 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Romantic Hollywood Golden Age ballad with enraptured male vocal & charming studio orchestra
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How Long 3582/5 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Romantic waltz song from the Golden Age of musicals with orchestra & genteel female vocal
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When You Sing A Song 3582/6 15 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Gentle, inspirational stage/movie musical song about being true to yourself with charming female vocal & orchestra
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Shimmers Hope 3579/1 13 mixes Sue Verran | Chris Warner | Evelyn Glennie
Floating piano with uplifting strings, dreamy vocal textures & gentle percussion
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Restoration 3576/5 9 mixes Richard Lacy
Delicate, wistful mallets & piano with heartfelt cello
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Kunlun 3575/6 11 mixes George Shaw
Soaring majestic orchestra with Chinese instruments & uplifting female vocal melody builds to triumphant finale
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Moon Goddess 3575/3 12 mixes George Shaw
Sad, romantic cinematic orchestral epic featuring female vocal & plaintive Chinese erhu builds to a tragic finale
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Flair 3565/3 16 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Reflective piano grows in optimism with emotional strings
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Glimmer 3565/4 15 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Peaceful, uplifting & wistful piano with poignant strings
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Near 3565/6 16 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Contemplative, delicate & calm piano with tender strings gently builds in optimism
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Orange 3565/5 18 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Beautiful, reflective & soothing piano with accompanying strings
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Pause 3565/7 14 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Gentle, reflective piano & strings. A feeling of sadness & loss
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Ray 3565/2 19 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Delicate, nostalgic piano with affecting strings
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Unfurl 3565/1 16 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Slow minimal piano with strings. Gentle, reflective & deeply moving
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Nico's Arrival 3555/6 13 mixes Thomas Evans
Relaxed modern jazz ballad instrumental with mellow horns & virtuosic piano solo
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In Love With The Damsel 3425/4 10 mixes Joe Kraemer
Romantic, flowing cinematic orchestral with heavy brass lines & moving string ostinati
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