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Dangling Moment 3242/7 14 mixes John DeFaria
Tense guitar ostinato over ambient synths with light percussion, piano & bluesy guitar licks. Builds with heavier drum rhythms & strings
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Dark Corner 3242/5 16 mixes John DeFaria
Sparse guitar chords & ostinato build with subtly pulsing bass, high strings & driving percussion rhythms. Changes gear from 1:31
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Pulling Force 3242/6 19 mixes John DeFaria
Interweaving guitar & piano lines build into intense rock groove with distorted lead guitar & strings
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Body In The Woods 3230/3 12 mixes Paul Ressel | Theo Travis
Mysterious & dark guitar riffs & textures with hammer dulcimer & trance like percussion. Builds
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Undetected 3213/5 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Matt Sanchez
Muted synths with understated military snares & timpani creates a feeling of light tension
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Machines Of War 3213/2 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Steve Dymond
Angry strings & filtered synth atmospheres over military snares & tribal percussion
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Into The Dark 3213/4 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Matt Sanchez
Tense synths & insistent military snares build with cinematic strings & dramatic brass
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Close To Midnight 3211/1 14 mixes Matthew Slater
Tense, restless cinematic orchestral hybrid thriller brimming with suspense, fear & danger
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Going Rogue 3211/7 14 mixes Matthew Slater
Gripping, frenetic orchestral hybrid action thriller
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Seventh Circle 3188/5 12 mixes Joe Kraemer
Classic orchestral crime thriller action, tension & suspense. Features probing piano & anxious strings
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Curious Investigation 3176/7 8 mixes Philip Guyler
Strolling inquisitive theme with an air of mystery. Features woodwind, double bass, pizzicato stings & mallets
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Opening The Door 3169/6 11 mixes David Edward Holden
Hypnotic electric piano with smooth strings over stealthy electro-acoustic groove
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Caught In The Plan 3156/6 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Harrison Stanford
Tense synth sequence with atmospheric pads & subtle piano, builds to big driven beats & dirty guitars
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Dark Crystals 3156/4 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller
Brooding atmospheres build with retro synths, powerful pulsing bass & angular rock guitar riffs
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Kingsman 3156/2 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller
Cinematic strings build with ominous melodies over glitchy synths & powerful percussion
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Preparation 3156/1 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller
Soaring dramatic strings with epic synths, heartbeat rhythm & electronic percussion builds from mysterious opening
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Sibilance 3156/3 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller
Brooding cinematic tension builds with dark atmospheric synths, anxious strings, big drums & sinister guitar motif
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Close To Your Rivals 3156/5 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller
Atmospheric piano with pensive orchestral strings. Builds in tension to a dramatic fuzzed-up climax
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Future Awaits 3149/1 16 mixes Luke Richards
Thrilling orchestral hybrid with tense driving strings, epic brass & pulsing synth builds from mysterious opening
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Flee The Scene 3148/4 12 mixes Mark Denis
Ominous low stabs into raging synths & slamming percussion. Accelerates to a frantic climax
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Grudge Match 3148/7 13 mixes Mark Denis | Yoshi Hayata
Aggressive percussion impacts & gnarly synths escalate with sound design to a thrilling finish
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Banshee 3131/7 9 mixes Bob Bradley
Dramatic battle drums build with menacing brass swell effects & distorted synths to powerful climax
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Illuminatrix 3128/3 15 mixes James Brett
Dark, dramatic orchestra with staccato strings & swelling choir create powerful forward moving tension
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Mephisto Legion 3128/5 8 mixes James Brett
Epic, driving orchestral action with demonic chanting choir, brass & fast paced, powerful strings
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Viper Squad 3128/6 11 mixes James Brett
Tense hybrid orchestral action theme with massive brass, driving strings, retro synth leads & guitars
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