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Drive For Freedom 3596/6 15 mixes James Copperthwaite | Jonathan Buchanan
Sparse yet intriguing piano theme over insistent lo-fi synth riff gently builds with electronic textures & subtle percussion
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Leave The Past Behind 3596/8 14 mixes James Copperthwaite | Jonathan Buchanan
Beautiful, intimate & reflective felt piano grows in optimism with uplifting string quartet
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Time Patterns 3593/5 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Slow, mysterious & inquisitive marimba builds with sparse piano, light percussion & sequenced synth
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The Last Survivor 3592/2 14 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Forlorn duduk with mysterious textures, drone & deep bass pulse
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Loss And Mourning 3592/5 14 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Haunting, melancholy duduk over ominous drone builds with slow ethnic percussion, strings & clarinet
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Tense Wait 3592/6 14 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Mournful duduk builds with bass pulse, dark synths, pounding drums & percussion to a tense climax
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Plans For Adventure 3587/3 8 mixes Laura Karpman
Sneaky orchestral caper with tiptoeing pizzicato strings & mischievous woodwind
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Meanwhile Gardens 3579/8 14 mixes Sue Verran | Chris Warner | Evelyn Glennie
Whimsical, mysterious Latin-flavoured romantic strings & classical guitar melody with gentle rhythmic percussion
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Mystery Express 3579/2 15 mixes Sue Verran | Evelyn Glennie | Chris Warner
Mysterious strings & piano motifs over light percussion build with eerie female vocal "aahs"
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Tense Expectations 3579/6 15 mixes Sue Verran | Evelyn Glennie | Chris Warner
Reflective piano with sombre strings over a bed of tremulous mallets & percussion. Builds in mystery & intrigue
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Late Memories 3578/3 9 mixes George Georgia
Dark pulsing bass soundbed builds with deep drum rhythms, moody synths & textures to tense climax
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The Dark Path 3578/5 9 mixes George Georgia
Dark bass drones build with ethereal textures, distorted electronic beats & light busy synth patterns
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Visions Recurring 3578/8 9 mixes George Georgia
Atmospheric drones float over warm bass & build to frantic arpeggiated synth finale
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Midnight Chasms 3578/9 9 mixes George Georgia
Atmospheric drones develop with melancholy pads, pulsing bass, enigmatic glockenspiel motif & tense drums
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Intricacy 3576/7 10 mixes Richard Lacy
Immersive hypnotic mallet patterns build with driving bass & atmospheric sound design
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Two Steps Back 3555/2 14 mixes Thomas Evans
Deep grooving, brooding blue Afrobeat. Horn-led with big bass riffs, Rhodes & two drummers
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The Critical Angle 3553/6 11 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Wistful oboe & busy pulsing strings build with piano to an exciting climax
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According To Plan 3423/2 16 mixes Luke Richards
Tense pulsing synths & strings with piano gently build in positivity
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Compelling Evidence 3423/1 14 mixes Luke Richards
Pensive strings with light pulsing synths build in drama & intrigue to a tense climax
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Turning The Tide 3416/6 25 mixes Mark Petrie
Powerful, tense & dramatic orchestral hybrid with huge drums builds from moody atmospheric opening
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Unresolved 3406/4 13 mixes Philip Guyler | Audrey Riley
Mysterious piano with sorrowful cello & light sound design
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Question And Answer 3397/5 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Dark, mysterious ambient electronic bed with sinister drones, blip effects & synth bell motif
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Rising To The Challenge 3397/1 13 mixes Terry Devine-King
Slow building electronic tension bed with ascending key changes
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Time To Think 3397/11 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
Eerie atmospheric tension bed with mysterious synth textures, bass pulse & electronic percussion
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Sweet Sabotage 3394/1 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Sneaky, scheming woodwind with mischievous tuned & rhythmic percussion
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