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Trials To Survive 3704/5 8 mixes James Brett
Tense, menacing & increasingly frantic orchestra builds to a dramatic climax with sudden stop ending
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Bag Of Spanners 3693/5 8 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Edgy breakbeat thrashout with freewheeling upright jazz bass, metallic percussion, ambient textures & fx
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Stick Dance 3693/6 8 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Jump-up percussive explosion with a large battery of drums, Indian tablas, hand claps, world percussion & fx
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Firepower 3683/1 10 mixes Nigel Glockler | Douglas Scarratt
High octane metal with aggressive guitars, driving drums & half-time middle section
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Painkiller 3683/2 11 mixes Nigel Glockler | Douglas Scarratt
Straight ahead, up-tempo heavy rock with distorted guitars, driving drums & searing solo
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Death From Above 3683/3 9 mixes Nigel Glockler | Douglas Scarratt
Dynamic, driving mid-tempo heavy rock with grinding riffs, pounding drums & piercing solo
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Hate Machine 3683/5 9 mixes Nigel Glockler | Douglas Scarratt
Fierce up-tempo heavy rock with dynamic riffs, intense half-time section, blistering shred guitar solo & driving drums
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Silverneer 3665/4 17 mixes Jethro Chaplin | Matthew Frederick | Daniel Jones
Hypnotic piano motif builds with edgy drums, soaring lead guitar, 80s synths & ethereal vocals to a dramatic climax
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The New Money Spyder 3651/3 11 mixes James Taylor
Glamorous 1970s filmic orchestral funk with lush strings, powerful brass, cool Rhodes & driving rhythm section
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Escape Room 3649/7 8 mixes Dario Forzato
Dramatic piano chords build with heavy drums & aggressive metal guitars to a creepy drop section & full-on assault finale
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Arabian Club Nights 3648/1 14 mixes John 00 Fleming
Dynamic exhilarating trance with Arabian melodies, euphoric key changes & driving 4x4 beat
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The Dark Destroyer 3648/2 14 mixes John 00 Fleming
Dark driving trance with rolling bass line & pounding beats. Builds to an uplifting ending with celestial pads
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Lazer Angels 3648/3 15 mixes John 00 Fleming
Powerful euphoric trance with driving beats, lush pads & soaring vocal melody
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Psychedelia 3648/4 13 mixes John 00 Fleming
Epic psy trance with mesmeric synth lines, pounding beats & driving bass. Builds from filtered machine-like fx opening
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Transcendent Voyage 3648/6 13 mixes John 00 Fleming
Powerful mid-tempo trance with rolling bass line, pulsating synths & thumping beats builds to euphoric crescendo
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Night Terror 3648/7 15 mixes John 00 Fleming
Spooky trance with eerie textures over deep dark beats & rolling bass
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Down The Wormhole 3638/2 20 mixes Sunna Wehrmeijer
Funky orchestral hybrid with dramatic string riffs, groovin' bass & synth bell motif. Builds to tense, driving climax
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Ruslan And Lyudmila (Overture) 3636/7 17 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Galloping orchestral overture with noble middle section from Mikhail Glinka's Russian opera
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Decisive Intervention 3635/6 17 mixes Paul Mottram
Dynamic, exciting string orchestra with marimba & harp
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Eat My Dust 3634/1 8 mixes Gareth Johnson
Driving desert rock with scuzzy riffs, crazed lead guitar breaks & psychedelic organ over a solid rhythm section
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Rondo Alla Turca 3630/5 20 mixes Mozart Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Brisk string reworking of Mozart’s famous piano sonata
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Through The Wood 3626/6 11 mixes Michael Levine | Bijan Olia
Tense, driving piano & strings build in urgency to an anxious climax
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Pulsation 3625/4 9 mixes Philip Guyler
Urgent pulsing synths & percussion build with driving strings
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Your Move 3620/4 10 mixes Gareth Johnson | Simon Clarke | Evan Jenkins
Heavy funk influenced spy/detective rock builds in urgency with driving rhythm section, soaring guitar riffs & brass lines
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Jump The Gun 3620/9 10 mixes Gareth Johnson | Simon Clarke | Evan Jenkins
Tense vintage spy/detective funk with choppy guitars, tight rhythm section & dramatic horns. Builds to explosive climax
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