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Deep Reflections 3466/5 11 mixes John 00 Fleming
Dark hypnotic beats head into an abyss of pulsing electronic lead lines with an anthemic drop. Glow sticks at the ready
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Crushing Hearts 3466/7 12 mixes John 00 Fleming
Atmospheric synths float over a driving progressive house groove with distant vocal FX
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Beauty Within 3466/4 12 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Atmospheric progressive house with pulsing synth bass, descending synth arpeggios & ambient pads
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Inner Hallucinations 3466/6 13 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Progressive house groove with slightly sinister overtones & dark synth arpeggios
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Driving In The Wet 3451/1 14 mixes Paul Ressel | Theo Travis
Atmospheric synthscape with a hypnotic bell rhythm over processed organic sounds & brushed drums. Builds
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Street Race 3451/4 15 mixes Paul Ressel | Theo Travis
Pulsing synth with hi-hat & electronic percussion, ominous textures, synth bass & car-like FX. Builds throughout
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Through The Windscreen 3451/2 17 mixes Paul Ressel | Theo Travis
Off-kilter keyboard melody builds with synth texture layers, percussion, guitar arpeggios & dirty synth bass
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Infinite Bliss 3448/7 17 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Futuristic & uplifting synths with quirky cut-up vocal FX over an electro bass & drum groove
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Hidden Consequences 3411/2 10 mixes George Georgia
Pulsing, forward moving electronic soundscape with shimmering synths, driving bass & percussive effects
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Saturn Meets Jupiter 3411/4 11 mixes George Georgia
Beautiful arpeggiating & bell-like electric piano over shimmering synths, deep bass & guitar textures
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Ships In The Night 3411/5 11 mixes George Georgia
Atmospheric electronic textures with punctuating deep bass & pulsing synth melodies
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Bonus Round 3397/7 6 mixes Terry Devine-King
Atmospheric quiz/game show electronic light tension rhythm bed with successful answer/outcome ending
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Tense Moment 3397/9 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Mysterious, intriguing synth rhythm builds with dramatic strings & drums
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Midnight Hour 3378/3 14 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Slow & atmospheric pop with male vocals over 80s synth textures, deep bass & solid electro groove
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Fashion 3378/1 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Driving house groove with percussive synth loops, chilled electric guitar hooks & ambient vocal FX
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Headphones In 3378/4 14 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Atmospheric groove with percussive synth lead, ethereal pads, tropical keys & sampled loop FX
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Glowing Moon 3378/8 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Ambient electro groove with mesmeric drum rhythm, deep synth bass & atmospheric pads weaving in & out
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Better Future 3378/6 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Fast electro pop groove with airy acoustic guitar loop, electric guitar hooks & ethereal synths throughout
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Day Dreamer 3378/7 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Mid-tempo pop groove with playful synth bass, clean electric guitar & synth elements
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Anomalous Beauty 3358/5 15 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith
Ambient soundscape with lush synths & sparse percussion. Builds slowly to a drop before uplifting end section
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Interoperability 3358/1 13 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith
Pulsing analogue synths & warm pad textures build to an epic electronic finale with hypnotic arpeggios
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Jocelyn Bell Burnell 3351/3 7 mixes Jessica Dannheisser
Beautiful full orchestra with sweeping strings, fluid piano & harp arpeggios, solo cello & celestial percussion
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Ready For The Count 3346/3 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Slow mysterious electronica with hypnotic layers of arpeggiated & sequenced synths over steady beats
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Sky High Trap 3342/3 10 mixes Lawrence Insula
Ambient trap with dark pads, reversed FX, sparse trap drums & big horn stabs
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Dirty Waves 3334/6 12 mixes George Georgia
Swaggering bassline builds to thumping techno with distant, high synth hook & sparkling synth breakdown
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