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Morning Good Morning 2525/5 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Pat Reyford
Jubilant 1950s jump swing novelty hit with doo-wop singers & crooner vocal
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You've Had Your Fun 2519/3 21 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Dan Burnett
Zany vaudeville novelty song with cute & sassy girly vocal
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Have A Happy Birthday 2411/5 27 mixes Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Jolly birthday song with close-harmony vocals, silly percussion & kazoos
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Hello Hello 2411/7 15 mixes Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Zany close-harmony scat vocals with a multitude of quirky ''hellos''
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Just Chillin 2411/4 18 mixes Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Chilled reggae-style a cappella vocals with body percussion & whistling
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Mr Bassman 2411/2 19 mixes Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Funky a cappella with cool vocal bassline & close harmony guitar riff fx
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Jungle Juice 2387/1 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Bob Bradley | Steve Dymond
Infectious jungle of funkiness with juicy beats, kinky keys & quirky voices
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Bed Bugs 2375/3 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond
Playful blend of cheeky brass, retro grooves, funky licks & beatbox vocal
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Clever Clogs 2375/4 8 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond
Whimsical mix of pizz strings, cool beats, wah trumpet & spooky Theremin
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Show 2314/6 11 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber
Quirky old time swing tune with vocals, ukulele, trumpet & kazoo
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Whistle Stop 2314/3 13 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber | Seth Travins
Zany circus style theme with swing guitar, whistling & quirky voices
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Away With The Fairies 2280/4 14 mixes David O'Brien | Matt Hill
Zany caper with gnomes, pixies & elves singing & playing tiny instruments
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Cat Chi 2261/5 8 mixes Jonathan Kelly | Alexis Beulah Garside
Cute, catlike & quirky layered vocals with piano & strings
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It's True Love 2189/3 14 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Mark Armstrong
Gushing, tongue-in-cheek loved up vocal with Hollywood big band
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Whiskey 2144/4 21 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Chris Norton
Irish styled & rowdy drink fuelled ironic folk duet with raucous ending
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Careful Now 2030/1 13 mixes Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Quirky, catchy a cappella vocal riffs & whistling with a Latin vibe
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Fruity Nutcrackers 2030/5 5 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Whimsical a cappella version of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet dance
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Plucky Pizzicato 2030/8 5 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Frisky a cappella version of Delibes' comic pizzicato polka from 'Sylvia'
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Step At A Time 2030/7 7 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Playful a cappella take on Ponchielli's 'Dance of the Hours'
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Sugar Plum 2030/2 6 mixes Arr. Ben Parry | Alexander L'Estrange
Playful a cappella rendition of Tchaikovsky's Sugar Plum Fairy
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Hotsy Totsy 2030/4 9 mixes Ben Parry | Alexander L'Estrange
Playful 1920s a cappella doo wop with silly noises
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Mountain King 2029/4 10 mixes Arr. Ben Parry | Alexander L'Estrange
Quirky a cappella imagining of Grieg's spooky classic
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Devil's Brew 1867/1 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Steve Dymond | Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen
Quirky swamp blues song about demon alcohol with grizzled male vocal
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Another Miserable Christmas 1826/1 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Elfed Hayes
Anthemic Irish folk pop christmas band fronted by gruff singer
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Crazy Like Me 1795/6 23 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Tim Garland
Bouncing big band shuffle sung by a loon
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