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Embarrassing Pleasures 3692/2 16 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Furtive, whimsical & hesitant orchestral dramedy
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Lost Little Bear 3692/5 21 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Inquisitive, whimsical orchestral comedy with pizzicato strings, woodwind & playful pauses
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Morning Stroll 3668/3 18 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Playful yet nostalgic violin, clarinet & saxophone over cheesy retro organ, drums & percussion. Bittersweet comedy
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No Cares 3668/5 18 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Cheerful, easy going saxophone with piano, double bass, brushes & percussion. Gently swinging, tap routine feel
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You And Only You 3668/4 21 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Chipper baritone saxophone & violin with bouncy piano over oom-cha drums & double bass. 1920s tea-room jazz feel
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Meanwhile Gardens 3579/8 14 mixes Sue Verran | Chris Warner | Evelyn Glennie
Whimsical, mysterious Latin-flavoured romantic strings & classical guitar melody with gentle rhythmic percussion
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Run Riot 3528/5 11 mixes Neil Sidwell | Keith Beauvais
Up-tempo big band jazz with lively brass, twangy guitars & rollicking honky tonk piano
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Bumbling Buffoon 3498/1 14 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Dainty & amusing string orchestra with lumbering contrabassoon
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Country Duckling 3498/4 12 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Jaunty bassoon & contrabassoon with bouncy pizzicato strings
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Oily Rag 3480/4 6 mixes Simon Bates | Paul Michael Harris
Perky saxophone rag accompanied by vintage jangle bar saloon piano
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Getting Started 3402/1 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Lazy, insouciant jazz flute, piano & bass clarinet with cheesy Hammond organ over shuffling drums & percussion
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In The Garden 3402/6 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Whimsical 1950s/60s comedy swing with jaunty saxophone, bass clarinet, piano & percussion
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The Trickster 3402/4 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Easy going, whimsical bass clarinet & soprano sax with sleazy Hammond organ, brush kit & percussion
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Then It Stopped 3402/5 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Jaunty clarinet & saxophone theme with jazz bass, piano, brush kit & percussion. Features comedy pauses
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Spit Spot 3382/6 9 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Upbeat rockin' retro swing with sprightly guitar, Hammond organ, brass & rhythm section
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Flight Of The Dodo 3336/1 13 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Jaunty vintage 1950s comedy caper with string orchestra & xylophone
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Golden Summer 3336/4 13 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Bright & breezy 1950s/60s vintage comedy orchestral
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Fingers On Buzzers 3323/1 20 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Fun, up-tempo jazz with perky muted trumpet theme & swinging rhythm section
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Gin Sling 3323/7 20 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Whimsical, swinging jazz ensemble with cheeky muted trumpet over piano, vibes & rhythm section
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On The Fence 3323/4 19 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Carefree mid-tempo jazz groove with cool piano riff, sax & muted trumpet. 1960s vibe
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Cheeky Chap 3098/4 5 mixes Martin Williams
Swaggering, determined solo bass clarinet with a twinkle in its eye
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English Garden 3030/5 10 mixes Tim Garland
Genteel chamber strings with charming & witty bass clarinet lead
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No Dramas 3013/6 17 mixes David Kelly | Paul Michael Harris
Jaunty sax & vibes with cheeky Hammond stabs over jazz bass & brushes
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Drunk In Charge 2950/3 14 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Drunken comedy brass duo with military drummer & tap dance percussion
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Funky Rooster 2950/4 11 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Cocky roots brass street band with gut bucket horns & bongos
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