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Apocalypse 2 (Sting) 1057/57 2 mixes Chris Blackwell
Powerful drums and percussion over dark pads.
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Nearing The End 4 (Sting) 3081/44 4 mixes Jackson Koeper
Fast electronic drums into brass stab sting
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Gold Lambo 4 (Sting) 3081/47 4 mixes Jackson Koeper
Percussive hits into brass stab sting
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Intruder 4 (Sting) 2007/63 4 mixes Duncan Pittock
Dramatic drums into final tam tam
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Happen Today 7 (Sting) 3095/38 11 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Alt hip hop groove sting with synths & "come on" vocal hook
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Get Electrified 7 (Sting) 3095/67 12 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Hip hop break beat groove sting with male rap & 'electrify' vocal hook
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