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Raise The Storm 3762/6 15 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Brooding blues rock with menacing male vocal
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Cold Revenge 3725/1 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Brooding rootsy blues rock builds to explosive chorus with epic guitars, stomp clap drums & vengeful male vocal
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Sleep With One Eye Open 3725/2 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Aggressive driving electro rock song with menacing US female vocal
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The Violent Kind 3725/3 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Unsettling acoustic rock song with darky fragile male & female vocal duet. Builds to epic electric band 2nd half
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Dead Man's Shoes 3725/4 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Dark, dramatic & cinematic alternative country blues rock with dead man walking male vocal
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Ceremonial 3725/5 14 mixes Wayne Murray | Broke Finger
Reflective country gospel lament with disconsolate, pleading female vocal
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Sunday Best 3725/6 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Broke Finger
Moody blues rock song with demonic male vocal. Blues riff & harmonica build to darkly dirty guitars & drums
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Nobody Gonna Save My Soul 3725/7 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Broke Finger
Dark gospel-tinged blues rock with anguished male vocal
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Buried At Sea 3725/8 13 mixes Wayne Murray | Lana McDonagh | Broke Finger
Dark & moody cinematic alternative rock with haunting female vocal
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Is It Me 3714/7 11 mixes Ariel Bui
Laid back blues rock song with rich Hammond organ, smooth female vocal, guitar, drums & bass
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Alabama Moon 3712/6 16 mixes John DeFaria
Sad, reflective Southern rock with dobro, baritone & electric guitars over drums, pads & shaker
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Mississippi Sunset 3712/2 13 mixes John DeFaria
Slow, evocative Americana guitar theme. Wistful acoustic & ambient guitars with bluesy fills
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King Of The South 3712/4 12 mixes John DeFaria
Swinging Southern blues rock shuffle with dizzying slide & lead guitar
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Soggy Bottom 3712/3 14 mixes John DeFaria
Straight ahead, badass Southern blues rock with hooky riffs, driving drums, Hammond organ & soaring lead guitar
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Southern Jumbo 3712/1 14 mixes John DeFaria
Punchy, driving Southern rock
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Stacked Deck 3712/8 16 mixes John DeFaria
Mid-tempo, funky Southern rock with chunky riffs, searing lead guitar & cool Hammond organ
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Texas Hurricane 3712/7 12 mixes John DeFaria
Driving Southern blues rock with slide guitar, gritty riffs & hot licks
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Outlaw Speedway 3712/5 12 mixes John DeFaria
Gritty mid-tempo Southern country blues rock with burning lead & slide guitars
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Nobody Getting Out Alive 3634/2 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Slow, gritty & powerful blues rock with attitude-packed male vocal
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Yeah Yeah 3634/4 9 mixes Gareth Johnson
Slow swaggering stomp rock with filthy riffs, band chant vocals & heavy head-nodding beat
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Don't Ever Look Back 3634/8 8 mixes Gareth Johnson
Slow aggressive heavy rock with grinding riffs, pounding drums & screaming lead guitar builds to frantic ending
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Black Gold 3525/2 11 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Dirty swaggering Southern blues rock with wailing harmonica
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Blood And Sand 3525/6 11 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Mellow tremolo & slide guitar build to a full blown blues rock assault
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Boneshaker 3525/4 9 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Swaggering blues rock groove with funky riffs & vocal hooks
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Glamour Hound 3525/7 10 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Funky mid-tempo rock groove with a swanky swagger
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