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From Cloudy Bay To Malibu 3414/1 12 mixes Nik Kershaw
Folky, upbeat pop song with male vocal & booze-themed lyrics
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Can't Go On 3414/2 10 mixes Nik Kershaw
Laid-back, reggae-influenced song with yearning male vocal & soprano saxophone
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Roundabouts And Swings 3414/3 12 mixes Nik Kershaw
Anthemic pop ballad with sing-a-long chorus & male vocal
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She Gets Me 3414/4 8 mixes Nik Kershaw
Funk/pop song with brass & male vocal
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Babylon Brothers 3414/5 8 mixes Nik Kershaw
Prog pop/rock/fusion song with driving beat, punchy horns & male vocal
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Let's Get Lost 3414/6 11 mixes Nik Kershaw
Prog pop/rock song with strings & male vocals with 'blind leading the blind' lyric theme
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Come Back Tomorrow 3414/7 9 mixes Nik Kershaw
Introspective pop/rock song, male vocalist having a bad day
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Long Live The King 3414/8 10 mixes Nik Kershaw
Driving pop/rock with male vocal
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The Sky's The Limit 3414/11 11 mixes Nik Kershaw
Aspirational mid-tempo pop/rock torch song with male vocal
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Good Thing Goin' On 3262/1 8 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Groovy driving retro pop with cool female vocal
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All Time High 3262/5 11 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Upbeat driving retro soul/R&B style song with feel-good male vocal
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Try Me On 3262/2 11 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Breezy driving bouncy pop with catchy hooks, hot horns & sassy female vocal
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Feel That Feeling 3262/3 11 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Feel-good funky party pop with slick brass, catchy guitar hooks, warm Hammond & rousing male vocal
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She 3262/6 8 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Swinging retro soul/R&B style pop song with female vocal about a cool, hip & rebellious girl
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No I Can't Get Enough 3262/7 11 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Funky soul pop with insatiable female vocal
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Feel So Good 3262/8 11 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Swaggering retro style soul/R&B pop song with male & female vocals & ''I'm the man'' chorus. Money/wealth theme
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Best Time Of The Year 3087/7 16 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Malcolm Edmonstone | Jason Pedder
Smooth, classic Christmas ballad with nostalgic female vocal, warm strings & vintage big band
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Auld Lang Syne 3087/5 14 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Mark Armstrong | Jason Pedder
Vintage male crooner rendition of the New Year's Eve standard with lush, nostalgic strings, woodwind & brass
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All Or Nothing 3058/1 13 mixes Dan Skinner | Adam Skinner
Emotional pop ballad with retro soul elements, strings & female vocals
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Reste Encore 3051/5 10 mixes Cyril Giroux | Eric Chantelauze | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Early 60s yé-yé ballad with jukebox piano, guitar & French crooner vocals
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Quand Je Te Vois 3051/6 11 mixes Cyril Giroux | Eric Chantelauze | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Fun, quirky 60s French yé-yé pop with male/female vocal interplay
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L'Orage 3051/3 16 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | Eric Chantelauze
Melancholy French ballad with male/female duet, piano & slinky groove
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Loin De Toi 3051/2 15 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Vincent Tirilly | David Bossan
Jaunty 60s French yé-yé with organ, upbeat drums & French female vocals
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Beautiful Woman 2809/4 7 mixes Jonathan Lloyd
Emotional ballad with piano, reverse guitar & psychedelic male vocals
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Daddy Cool 2805/3 10 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Swinging 60s pool party twister with jazzy horns, strings & surf pop guitar
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