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Again 3586/8 12 mixes Amy West | Ethan Kaufmann
Uptempo electro pop with pumping four-to-the-floor beat, organ hook, palm-muted guitar & powerful female vocals
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I'll Move On 3586/6 12 mixes Amy West | Ethan Kaufmann
Driving electro pop with 80s influences. Features female vocals, funky electric guitar, catchy synth hook & big drums
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I'm Hypnotised 3571/8 13 mixes Thomas McNeice | Richie Fondue
Mysterious & dark, Middle Eastern-influenced pop trap song with snake-charming vocals, synths, heavy sub bass & drums
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Your Evil Eyes 3562/7 13 mixes Sidney Samuel Batham | Matthew Richard Salvage
Upbeat funky pop song with frustrated male vocal
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Wear The Crown 3554/4 11 mixes Matt Goodman
Driving pop funk song with powerful female vocals, funky bass riff, guitar & punchy drum groove. Ripping guitar solo from 1:48
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Angels Among Us 3552/3 14 mixes Pete Masitti | Jonathan Kingham
Moving, faith-based US ballad about angels with heartfelt female vocal
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In Your Hands 3552/4 14 mixes Pete Masitti | Jonathan Kingham
Powerful US pop rock ballad about faith & surrender with impassioned female vocal
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There Is Only Love 3552/8 14 mixes Pete Masitti | Jonathan Kingham
Heartening US Christian pop rock ballad with uplifting female vocal
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I Worship You Alone 3552/2 14 mixes Pete Masitti | Joshua Spacht
Upbeat & uplifting US Christian pop rock song with reverential female vocal
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To Surrender 3552/1 16 mixes Pete Masitti
Positive guitar driven US pop song in 12/8 with female vocal about faith & trusting in God. Builds to rousing chorus
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The Things Between Us 3552/7 14 mixes Pete Masitti | Jonathan Kingham
Inspirational & redemptive US pop ballad with uplifting female vocal
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Feel The Love 3415/1 12 mixes William Davies
Uplifting pop-funk song with a retro vibe. Features soulful male vocals & punchy horns over a driving groove
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What I Need 3415/7 14 mixes William Davies
Infectious pop-funk instrumental with groovy keys, catchy horns & a toe-tapping beat
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Whenever We Ride 3415/2 15 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten
Exuberant pop-funk song with soulful male vocals, retro synths & grooving bass over big beats
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Get Down Baby 3415/3 12 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten
Bombastic pop-funk instrumental with funky guitar, killer horns & retro synths over a poppin' bass & drum groove
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Can't Lose 3415/6 15 mixes William Davies | Tajh Abdulsamad | Lee Francis
Uptempo pop-funk tune with infectious groove, optimistic male vocal & catchy horn hook
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Full Course Meal 3415/4 13 mixes William Davies | Tajh Abdulsamad | Lee Francis
Laid-back R&B pop song with male vocals, smooth keys & funky bass with a retro production vibe
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Whenever We Touch 3415/5 11 mixes William Davies | Tajh Abdulsamad | Lee Francis
Stripped-back R&B/pop song with soulful male vocal, punchy beats & hypnotic bass hook
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Red Line 3415/8 12 mixes William Davies
Energetic disco-funk song with soulful male vocal, funky guitar & driving bass & drum groove
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From Cloudy Bay To Malibu 3414/1 12 mixes Nik Kershaw
Folky, upbeat pop song with male vocal & booze-themed lyrics
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Your Paradise 3407/7 7 mixes Caitlin Donerly Linney
Emotional piano performance with contemplative female vocals & occasional backing harmonies
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Crazy Loving You 3407/4 9 mixes Caitlin Donerly Linney | Andrew Lewis Dixon
Modern country-tinged pop rock song with introspective female vocals, pretty guitars & anthemic chorus. Guitar solo at 2:31
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Heart Like A Machine 3407/6 10 mixes Caitlin Donerly Linney | Andrew Lewis Dixon
Emotional piano-led country pop with female vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo & driving drum beat
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We Were Friends 3401/3 11 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey | Michael Scott
Heartfelt pop song with acoustic guitar, male vocal, synths & uplifting chorus drop. Builds
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Love Like A Jungle 3389/4 10 mixes Jasmin Mary Tadjiky
Hooky electro pop song with fun bass, percussion, brass FX, sweet but strong female vocal, claps & catchy sampled flute
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